Magento extensions buying tips

There are several common mistakes that online merchants do when searching for Magento extensions. We've collected them and created a list of tips that will help you to save a lot of time. This information based on our own experience as well as on the questions that our customers usually ask.

Before searching for Magento extensions:

  • Specify the problem. If the problem is diversified, try to divide it into small issues that have to be solved.
  • Inspect your website for current customizations. Check if there were changes in a template, checkout, products and other sections.
  • Use a support team's help in searching for a suitable solution. Visit an extensions developer's website and contact the support team. Specify the issues you have and ask a manager which of a company's extension is suitable for you.

Before buying a Magento extension:

  • Be sure that chosen extension solve only the issues you have. If you have a small problem but purchase the extension that resolves a big number of them, it can make needless changes in the code.
  • Magento extension can have a conflict with current customizations at your store. Its resolving may be time and efforts consuming that's why it is great if your Magento developer requests the information about the extension's specification. Pay attention to what base Magento models the extension changes.
  • Be ready to test the extension the day after a purchase.

Before installing a Magento extension:

  • Prepare development environment for your store, primary testings of Magento extensions should be done there. It will prevent your store from possible delays and failures in work.
  • If some functions of purchased extension do not work, apply for help from the extension's support team. It usually happens because of custom settings at Magento store. Most of the issues can be resolved within an hour and for free.
  • You can use the money back period if the extension isn't suitable for your business purposes.
  • Apply for Magento customization services if the extension solves most important problems at your online store but you need some additional features. Searching for a solution to all problems in a bunch can go to no avail.

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