Ecommerce Tech Inspire 2021-2022

Cutting-edge Trends. New Technologies. COVID Impact

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About Event

The pandemic has dramatically changed eCommerce and shopping habits. Mature offline retailers rushed online, new entrepreneurs started selling online from scratch, and customers jumped to the digital way of shopping. There is no doubt that the industry made a gigantic leap forward and continues to evolve. Many experts believe that the growth will come down once situations start to normalize due to vaccination. Other experts feel the growth is not going to dip any time soon and will only get stronger.

eCommerce Tech Inspire Summit 2021-2022 gathered speakers from top eCommerce companies to discuss cutting-edge trends, new technologies, COVID impact, the pace of eCommerce growth, business strategies that lead to this growth and other hot topics.

Art-ava Virtual Summit

Artem Pugachev 

СEO, Founder of Mobecls

Knowledge and information are valuable economic assets that are of critical importance in business development. Being a data-driven eCommerce development company, we always aim to share the knowledge with online retailers to grow their business, traffic, revenue, and much more.
The goal of the upcoming event is to accumulate knowledge of top industry experts and share it with you to lift your business to the next level. We’ve carefully selected our speakers and themes, so there will be no fillers, only high-quality content, business tactics and insights. We’re looking forward to sharing it all this December!

Our Speakers

The best experts to inspire you

Artem Pugachev

Artem Virtual Summit


CEO and Founder of Mobecls, Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner. 14 years in eCommerce development.

Theory of Constraints as the main Prioritisation tool in ecommerce development

  • What is ToC?
  • Your backlog – can gain and can drain.
  • Too much of design – it is the biggest mistake of ecommerce development.
  • Marketing vs Operations – who’s more important for dev team?
  • How to build your backlog wisely.

Justin King

Justin-King Virtual Summit


VP Growth and Industry Marketing


How NFTs and Web3 are Reshaping Commerce and Community

  • Eras of the Internet (Web1, 2, and 3)
  • What is different about blockchain
  • Rise of NFTs
  • Application to eCommerce
  • Brand communities in Web3

Sharissa Sebastian

Sharissa-Sebastian Virtual Summit


Certified global leadership and executive coach with an MBA, MSc in Technology Leadership. 15+ years of  experience.

Turning Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

  • Learn about the environment that’s needed to create and nurture brand ambassadors.
  • How to attract, train and equip your employees to become ambassadors.
  • Understand what motivates your people to become evangelists of your brand.
  • Measuring and tracking success. How to rinse and repeat what’s working and get rid of or change what is not.

Lance Porigow

Lance-Porigow Virtual Summit


Marketing strategist, leader of The Shipyard’s Omni-channel eCommerce Growth Practice.

Micro-campaigns for Macro-Results

  • Challenging the traditional approach of a single target audience to
    575 audiences using the power of data science and machine learning
    to create personalized “micro-campaigns”
  • How Weleda became one of the top brands in the natural skin care

James Luterek

James-Luterek Virtual Summit


Programmer, Director of Marketing, Full-stack Developer, and Solutions Architect.

GraphQL – Now You Know

  • What is GraphQL?
  • When should you use GraphQL in your solution?
  • How does GraphQL impact a modern ecommerce solution?

Jeanne Jennings

Jeanne-Jenning Virtual Summit


Recognized expert in email marketing, a consultant, speaker and  trainer.

Which Test Won? Improve Your Email Marketing with A/B
Split Testing

  • Learn why A/B split testing is critical to ongoing email marketing success
  • View real-life email marketing A/B split tests – and see how your guesses
    compare to actual results
  • Understand the basics of scientific method for testing, including how to
    develop quality hypotheses
  • Find out how to create your own successful A/B split testing plan to boost the
    performance of your email marketing program

Greg Zakowicz

Greg-Zakowicz Virtual Summit


Veteran marketer and the Sr. Ecommerce Expert at Omnisend, frequent speaker at ecommerce events.

Keys to Accelerating Your Email Marketing Sales in 2022

  • Which email automations actually deliver the most sales
  • Actionable optimization tips for increasing message performance
  • Why SMS is a must-have marketing channel in 2022 & ways to use it
  • How opt-in channels impact paid ads & often-overlooked items

Elizabeth Hunker

Elizabeth-Hunker Virtual Summit


Investor into Technologies, leader of innovation initiatives with the UN.

NFTienda: the Immutable Shopping Experience

  • Ecommerce, Web3 and the Metaverse
  • Beyond the JPEG: What is a nonfungible token?
  • The state of NFTs in ecommerce
  • The future of ecommerce

Mel Lim

Mel-Lim Virtual Summit


CEO of Maspira Groupe, Author of “Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age”, Keynote Speaker and Advisor

Tactical approaches to helping brands adopt, adapt, and transition to the Metaverse

  • Pivoting a 2-D brand presence into a 3-D, brand-aligned experience
  • Leveraging VR/AR/XR/NFTs for brand engagement and storytelling
  • Developing a global, scalable XR program
  • Understanding platform limitations and establishing success metrics

Darin Lynch

Darin-Lynch Virtual Summit


Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Founder & CEO, Member, Federal Reserve Board Small Business Council.

Why Merchants Should Demand “Business First. Online Second”

  • What Business First Online Second Means
  • Why It’s So Rare
  • How To Find
  • How To Live It

Vinod Suresh

Vinod-Suresh Virtual Summit


VP Growth and Subscription at Go daddy and Formerly Walmart Plus

How to Build and Scale a Successful Membership / Subscription Business

  • What is the role of e-commerce and omni in traditional retail
  • How to unlock the value of testing to drive growth
  • How to drive loyalty value through partner ecosystem

Patrick Ward

Patrick-Ward Virtual Summit


Director of Marketing for Rootstrap, an accomplished public speaker.

eCommerce at Scale

  • What we learned from helping Ownable 4X their revenue on Black Friday
  • Benefits of rebuilding and redesigning eCommerce platform to highlight offerings
  • How to ensure you hire the right tech partner the first time around
  • How AI/AR & Voice Search can impact your business & why companies need to not fall behind.

Fernando Colaco

Fernando-Colaco Virtual Summit


CEO and Founder of COLACO TECH.

Unexpected opportunities that emerge during dark times (such as covid)

  • Starting a new company amidst the chaos
  • Hidden advantages that won’t happen in other times
  • Best timing to recruit talent
  • Business opportunities and collaborations during dark times
  • How to be always prepared for similar situations in the future

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When is the Ecommerce Tech Inspire Virtual Summit?

The virtual summit took place on Wednesday-Thursday, 8-9 December from 8.45 am to 3.20 pm EST.

Where was the event held?

The event was held online.

How do I log-in on the day of the virtual event?

Your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. You can use those details to access the online event.

Does it cost money to watch the summit?

No. The summit is absolutely free to watch. We hope that you get some really great value from the content!

Will a replay be available if I can't join the day of the summit?

Yes, the summit is already available on demand for anyone who has registered for the summit.