Migration to Magento

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Commerce or Open Source Editions

Migration Packages

Light Pack

  • Product Data (categories, attributes, products) import
  • Customer Data import
  • Orders Data import
  • Theme installation (Lumo or bought)
  • Base extensions (Layered Navigation, One-step checkout, Elasticsearch )
  • SEO settings transfer
  • Taxes rules setup
  • Website tutorial

(2+ months, the time bases on online store audit)

Full Pack

  • Product Data import
  • Customer Data import
  • Orders Data import
  • Theme installation and customization (new design or the existing one)
  • Custom features transfer
  • Extensions functionality enhance
  • Installed extension transfer
  • Base Magento 2 extensions installation
  • SEO settings transfer
  • Taxes rules setup
  • Integrations transfer (ERP, CRM, Accountant systems)
  • Integrations with marketing, shipping, services
  • Server configuration for M2 (PHP Update, Varnish, Redis)
  • Mobile version

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Migration to Magento 2 | Adobe Commerce Includes:

  • Customers, products, attributes, categories, images, orders and reviews migration
  • Payment and shipping settings migration
  • Extensions substitutes (when applicable)
  • Basic extensions installation (Braintree, Layered Navigation, One-step checkout, Elasticsearch )
  • Basic SEO settings (robots.txt, sitemap, Google Analytics and Search Console implementation)
  • Server setup (E-mail, SSL,PHP5/PHP7, Nginx, MySQL, development and staging environment, Sphinx, Redis, Varnish, Git)

Key Magento 2 | Adobe Commerce Migration Benefits

B2B Functionalities

System architecture based on the latest technologies like ElasticSearch, Composer, AMQP, REST API and enhanced algorithms for passwords.

User Experience

The number of checkout steps is reduced from 6 to 2;
order summary on one card eliminates the risk of error by a customer.

Better Web Performance

Full Page Cache;
the capability of taking 117% orders per hour;
minified JS, CSS and HTML.

User-Friendly Admin Panel

The extended dashboard shows sales volume from the start, recent orders, average order volume, best-selling items, key customers and etc.

Enhanced Mobile Environment

Design adapted to mobile devices with any screen resolution;
Magento 2 PWA Studio;

Improved SEO

Search engine friendly URLs, snippets that improve results in SERPs, native support of XML sitemaps.

Why Do I Need Migrating Services If There Is Data Migration Tool?

Theme Migration

There’s a great chance that your current Magento 1 theme isn’t available for Magento 2. Moreover, You can’t do theme migration by yourself as M1 and M2 themes have different structures. It’s impossible to copy and paste layouts files.

Extensions Migration

If your M1 extensions don’t exist for Magento 2, we’ll help you build it from scratch or find an alternative one that will suit your business specifics and needs.

Custom Functionality Migration

All your custom features built on your store won’t work on Magento 2. Due to architectural differences between the first and the second Magento versions, code migration can require the help of a Magento developing company. We check which customizations can be substituted by Magento 2 out-of-box features, and which ones need to be redeveloped.

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Migration from Magento 1 | Adobe Commerce

Why Upgrade to Magento | Adobe Commerce

Consequences of staying on Magento 1:

  • No upgrades or security patches;
  • Loss of Critical Extensions;
  • No Software Support from Payment Providers;
  • Compliance Issues;
  • Over time, Magento developers will only be familiar with Magento 2;

Magento | Adobe Commerce Offers Merchants More Comprehensive Security: 

  • Enhanced Password Algorithms
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Dynamic Backup Plan
  • Unique Admin URL
  • Better Development Environment

Magento | Adobe Commerce Offers Advanced:

  • Performance and Scalability
  • Checkout Process
  • Reporting
  • Mobile-friendly and Responsive Design
case-extensions-features Magento Migration

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Cart2Cart Magento Migration

Our Magento | Adobe Commerce Migration Partner

The service automates the migration process and makes it fast and accurate. You may perform it by yourself with no difficulties just following a few simple steps. Also, in case you are very busy, there is a possibility to use a help of Cart2Cart support engineers who will ensure that data are migrated accurately and safely. Be sure that this tool possesses incresingly growing community of users and tends to provide them with the experience which will exceed the expectations.

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