Performance Audit

Slow page loads, non-responsive, badly cached pages, weak hosting provider, and many other critical issues are the main reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts and bounce online stores

The Way We Do Performance Audit

Step 1: Preparation

  • install a copy of the website on the local machine
  • measure performance indicators (GooglePageSpeed, Lighthouse, Google Analytics)

Step 2: Server Audit

We review and verify Magento | Adobe Commerce system requirements suitability and compatibility:

  • webserver software version
  • PHP version, settings and required extensions
  • database management system version
  • memory disk space
  • required system dependencies
  • mail server settings

Step 3: Review of the Background Tasks

Magento | Adobe Commerce background cron jobs include reports, reindexing, currency rates updates, e-mails, generating sitemaps, stock status updates, data synchronization with 3rd party systems (e.g., ERP, CRM,  Amazon, etc.), and other routine tasks.

We review and verify:

  • all server cron jobs (installing extension* for managing cron jobs if needed)
  • import/export
  • daily back-office operations
  •  architecture optimization or configuration

*the price for the extension itself calculated separately depending on what extension you choose. The approximate price for an extension is ~150$

Step 4: Magento Settings Review

We review:

  • enabled and disabled cache types
  • Redis and Varnish settings
  • CDN Network settings
  • 304 HTTP response for URLs requests
  • JS/CSS optimization
  • Other configurations in the Magento | Adobe Commerce admin panel

Step 5: Magento | Adobe Commerce Template Profiling

At this stage, we reveal non-optimal and unused dependencies in the code.

We review and verify:

  • template code
  • profiling with custom profiler main pages – home/PLP/PDP/Cart/Checkout

Step 6: Magento | Adobe Commerce Extensions Performance Audit

We review all the installed extensions to find and delete or optimize unused ones. We also search for black-list extensions.

Does your online store perform well?

Even if your Magento store is fast enough, it can also benefit from Express Performance Audit.

When our team audits website performance, we aim to find all bottlenecks that may cost you sales in the future. We pay a lot of attention to the server environment, design templates, extensions and custom functionality. When we complete our Express Performance Audit, you get a list of expert performance optimization recommendations.

Reasons for Performance Audit

Slow page loading

Dropped search rankings

High bounce rate

High cart abandonment rate

Declining sales


would abadon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load


don’t come back to poorly performing websites


who are dissatisfied with shopping experience will shop somewhere else next time


reduces customer satisfaction by 16%

Performance Audit Benefits

Get a list of existing performance issues and expert recommendations

Speed up server

Improve search engine rankings

Improve user experience and boost client retention

Fix the performance issues before they get any worse

Increase brand’s credibility

Reduce cart abandonment and bounce rate

Increase click-through rates (CTR)

Express Performance Audit

Starts from $1499

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