We search for:

Project Manager

Mobecls is searching for a project manager with basics at QA, HTML design or any technical web development degree. You will be working with requirements, UX decisions, QA and deployments.

Required skills:

  • understanding e-commerce and retail business
  • some technical experience with web development
  • knowing how to get information, ask questions, structure data
  • ability to present decisions logically

Would be a great bonus:

  • Working experience with Magento/e-commerce websites
  • Any agile degree
  • Basic PHP, JS knowledge

Sales Manager

If you like e-commerce and making things better – you will fit our team. Experience with IT sales, a wide net of contacts is a must. You will need to get in contact, understand the business and get if we fit or not.


Required skills:

  • 1+ year sales experience in IT
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent listening, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Understanding of e-commerce

Would be a great bonus:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Working experience with Magento

PHP Developer

We are looking for an experienced PHP developer to work with Magento projects. If you like e-commerce, cross-functional tasks, and projects, ready to get and share knowledge.

We expect a candidate to combine a willingness to write a brilliant code with native love for practical solutions.


  • 3 years with PHP
  • OOP
  • Played with Zend Framework, Prototype, JQuery
  • Deep MySQL understanding
  • HTML and CSS was a primary skill for 1+ years
  • 1+ years with Magento

Would be a great bonus:

  • Working experience with Magento 2
  • Good English
  • Passed Magento certifications

Applicants will be asked to complete a coding test task.

Web Designer

If you know how to design a website that will sell better than others, you’re the one we need. High-level HTML and CSS skills are required. Magento design experience is appreciated.

For those who like the cutting edge technologies, always experiments with new stuff and likes to get the most out of his code. Looking for a designer to build PWA websites, Magento Frontend.

Required skills:

  • experience with HTML5, JS, CSS
  • played with PWA, react.js and ready to prove
  • build an animation with CSS
  • pixel perfect html

Would be a great bonus:

  • experience with Magento
  • experience with Mobile Apps

Copywriter/SMM Specialist

f you are fond of blogging & going to become an expert in eCommerce, you are the person we are looking for.

Articles and reviews on eCommerce/ Magento topics. Developing and support our groups in FB, Twitter, VK, Instagram. Making our brand even stronger. Positive interaction with the audience on forums, conferences, other offline and online resources.

Required skills:

  • English – Upper Intermediate / Advanced;
  • to express thoughts exactly and vividly;
  • theoretical or practical knowledge of SMM.

Would be a great bonus:

  • experience in eCommerce;
  • personal blog, articles;
  • experience in companies and/or brands promotions.

Team Lead

Our team is looking for a team lead who is a ninja in providing accurate and helpful feedback. Deep understanding of Magento and well communicative skills are essential.

And you should love people and love making them better.

Required skills:

  • 5+ years with PHP
  • 3+ years with Magento
  • experience and project with native MySQL
  • Experience with frameworks (Zend Framework, Prototype(JS), JQuery(JS))
  • Excellent communication skills

Would be a great bonus:

  • Scrum Master or Agile PM certificate
  • References from old team member
Send Resume

Or send your resume to  [email protected]

Working in Mobecls Means:

Permanent professional growth

We are happy to see how employees become more and more efficient and experienced. We do not assign overwhelming tasks, set cruel deadlines or constant overtime work.

Flexible working hours

You can regulate the beginning and the end of working day to make your schedule more convenient, you do not need to ask manager for leave if needed.

Comfortable environment

We have a clean and cozy office near subway station, 2 huge terraces with a panoramic view from 15th floor.

Clear salary increasing plan

Everybody in the company knows what to do to achieve a new salary level, exact numbers and time periods.

Horizontal communication

We think that all positions in the company are equally important, so we are non-bureaucratic organization of motivated friends.