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Functionality testing ensures that each and every component of your eCommerce website works smoothly and provides an excellent user experience. It helps to identify and resolve multiple issues in advance, provide your services smoothly, avoid a number of financial risks, and comply with international standards.

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Why You Need Functionality Testing

Improve user engagement

eCommerce functionality testing helps check the hygiene of all processes happening on your website. It tells us which page elements or processes affect a user’s journey and helps to resolve them fast. The better the user experience, the better onsite engagement.

Understand user behavior

Functionality tests allow you to identify the problematic areas of your website, which helps to understand what frustrates customers the most.

Generate marketing strategies

Testing and optimization allow you to make effective plans for your website.

Increase conversion rates

Testing almost every aspect of your website ensures a smooth visitor experience, increasing your conversion.

Functionality Testing Includes

Website Code Testing

Website code testing is a critical process to ensure the functionality and performance of your website. A well-tested website code enhances user experience, ensures security, and improves overall website quality. Here are some key aspects to consider when testing your website’s code:

  • Is the website’s code well-structured and organized?
  • Does the code follow best practices and coding standards?
  • Are there any coding errors, such as syntax errors or logical issues?
Code-review Website Functionality Testing

Search Functionality

Search functionality is one of the most used features in any online store. The search process must be fast, convenient and accessible from any page of the website. Search functionality testing helps to answer the next questions:

  • Is the search available based on the product name, brand name, etc.?
  • Are different sort options available based on parameters such as price, brand, reviews/ratings, and more?
  • What is the ideal number of results to display per page?
  • For multi-page results, are there options available to navigate between them?
Search-Functionality Website Functionality Testing


Failed transactions are one of the main reasons why customers finish shopping on your website and leave it without purchases. That’s why payment testing is so crucial for running a successful online store. Here are the main things we test:

  • Checking for all the different payment options from start to finish;
    Availability of a guest checkout;
  • Security testing. It is important to take all steps to ensure that user financial information is highly secure;
  • Does the customer receive an order confirmation as an email/text message along with the order number once it’s completed?
Payments Website Functionality Testing

Recommended Products

After the purchase is made by the client, there is a follow-up session that involves showing customers recommended items which they can purchase further. It is an important section to test because it acts as an anchor to win customer loyalty in the long run. Important things to check here include:

  • Check if the recommendations given to customers are of relevant products that will interest the client;
  • Are the recommendations showing on the page immediately after the client confirms the order they have made?
Recommended-Products Website Functionality Testing

Shopping Cart

Shopping carts are one of the key features of an eCommerce website, and this requires thorough testing. It allows the customers to easily select and store multiple items in their shopping cart and purchase them all at once. A shopping cart testing include:

  • If all items and their totals are displayed in the cart;
  • Option to add items to the cart and continue shopping;
  • Applicable taxes as per location;
  • Option to add more items to the cart with accurate total reflecting;
  • Option to remove items from the cart;
  • Accurate calculation of shipping costs with different shipping options;
  • Option to apply coupons.
Shopping-Cart Website Functionality Testing

Product Page

Testing the product page is as important as shelving the goods available in a brick-and-mortar retail store. Considering the fact that the product page displays a lot of important information, including the product description, image, specification, and pricing, it is critical that all this information is displayed accurately whenever a customer logs in. Important things to check here include:

  • Price of product;
  • Image or images;
  • Specifications (size, color or variations options);
  • Reviews and check out options;
  • Shipping information;
  • Delivery options;
  • In-stock/out of stock details.
Product-Page Website Functionality Testing

Post-Order Tests

When we place an order on an eCommerce website, there are multiple actions that we can do related to the purchase. Testing the post-purchase functionality is, therefore, an important aspect of eCommerce testing. Some of the most important post-purchase test cases include:

  • Checking if the customer is able to cancel the order or change the quantity of the order;
  • If the customer is able to review the recent order and history of purchased items;
  • Check if the customer is able to change billing/shipping or other profile information.
Post-Order-Tests Website Functionality Testing

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