UX Audit

Don’t make your customers think.

eCommerce user experience audit is a fast and reliable way to improve your online store. It helps to understand how users interact with your website and identify UX issues that hamper your sales. The audit provides recommendations on improving your website’s design to increase ROI and customer satisfaction.

eCommerce-user-experience-audit eCommerce UX Audit

Why UX Audit?

Increase-Conversion eCommerce UX Audit

Increase Conversion

Conversion correlates to user experience. 40 % of online shoppers stop engaging with eCommerce websites when they find their content, layout and user experience shabby. When customers land on an online store, they expect it to be easy to navigate, fast and good-looking.

Boost-Client-Retention eCommerce UX Audit

Boost Client Retention

Poor user experience makes users 88% less likely to visit it one more time. On the other hand, if customers find your online store convenient, they’ll keep coming back. Excellent user experience boosts engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Enhance-Competitiveness eCommerce UX Audit

Enhance Competitiveness

eCommerce is a highly competitive business. 75 % of online customers decide whether an online store is trustworthy or not based on its design. Moreover, it takes a few seconds to form their opinion. Neglecting UX design means redirecting customers to the competitors.

The Way We Conduct UX Audits

1. Research

We gather information about your business, customers, and competitors. We check the website’s structure and functionality to reveal what users get used to and what they may expect to see and need to get on your website.

Research eCommerce UX Audit
Defining-user-scenarios eCommerce UX Audit

2.UX Review

Our team inspects the pages of your website and reveals existing issues.

We check:

  • Elements display errors
  • Page goals
    User-behavior statistics (if Google Analytics access provided)
  • Navigation
  • eCommerce best practices
  • Nudge techniques

3.Web Practices Review

At this stage we check the following elements:

  • Favicon
  • Logo linking
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Colors contrast ratio
  • Cookies Notification
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager implementation
  • Text lines width
  • Mobile version elements size
Web-Practices-Review eCommerce UX Audit
Reporting eCommerce UX Audit

4. Final Expert Report

The Report Includes:

1.Detailed overview of the UX issues according to severity (minor, major, critical)
2. The list of the best UX practices
3. Our high-level recommendations on how to implement them

UX Audit


The price doesn’t include:

  • Development Services
  • Prototyping
  • Design Services
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