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Improve your website’s design to provide your customers with better user experience and drive more sales

Any eCommerce theme should be not only attractive and catchy but also fast, feature-rich, and mobile responsive. Ready-made Magento | Adobe Commerce themes are cheap, user-friendly, and have good tech support. However, they have several disadvantages that negatively affect the overall website’s speed, user experience, and business strategy.

Theme-Optimization-Customization Theme Optimization & Customization

Why Theme Optimization?

Unnecessary-Features Theme Optimization & Customization

Unnecessary Features

A theme that initially appears to be high-quality may end up being full of “spaghetti code” with a bunch of unnecessary features that slow down the website’s performance. Moreover, it may conflict with custom functionality or third-party extensions, causing UX issues like non-clickable buttons or broken functionality.

Limited-customizations Theme Optimization & Customization

Limited customizations

When using pre-made themes, merchants may need to adapt their requirements to functionalities built into the ready-made design.

No-brand-identity Theme Optimization & Customization

No brand identity

Ready-made themes have only general eCommerce features that may not meet your business needs and specifications. Moreover, these themes are already used by other online businesses, so there is a risk of being lost among numerous identical websites.

Poor-responsiveness Theme Optimization & Customization

Poor responsiveness

Numerous ready-made themes lack SEO and mobile responsiveness, which leads to poor rankings of websites.

Deal Theme Optimization & Customization

Why Mobecls?

We help online merchants to select the most suitable theme from those available on the market and adapt it to your business specifics and liking.

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Magento Theme Optimization Includes

GUI-Testing-Includes Theme Optimization & Customization
  • Performance;
  • SEO;
  • JS and CSS optimization;
  • UX and UI redesign;
  • Theme optimization for mobile devices;
  • Solving “spaghetti code” issues like non-clickable buttons, broken functionality, etc.;
  • Solving theme issues after Magento | Adobe Commerce migration or update.

Performance Optimization

Slow page speed is one of major factors why users leave websites and never come back. We optimize performance of ready-made themes to boost load speed and ensure seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Theme-development Theme Optimization & Customization
integrations Theme Optimization & Customization

Extension Compatibility

Ready-made themes often conflict with custom or third-party extensions disrupting their work which negatively affects the work of your online store. We optimize and customize both native and custom functionality, ensuring full theme compatibility with your website. If existing extensions don’t fit your theme, we develop exclusive solutions to meet your business specifics and website’s design.

Mobile Optimization

We optimize ready-made Magento themes for mobile to enable responsiveness across platforms and help your Magento solution easily adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

Mobile-Optimization Theme Optimization & Customization

eCommerce Theme
Optimization &

The price depends on the Project Complexity

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Theme-Optimization-Customization Theme Optimization & Customization