PWA Development Services

Use PWA potential to increase user engagement, conversions, and web presence.

What is PWA

Progressive Web App is a combination of a native mobile application and a website. When users visit your website, the browser considers them interested in your content and offers them to keep your website as an app on their smartphone. After that, your users can revisit it anytime and with no internet connection. This cross-platform solution is responsive on any mobile platform, indexed by Google, and doesn’t require downloading from the app stores. Progressive Web Apps boost user engagement and are much faster than ordinary websites, which results in better user experience and conversion.

  • PWAs have 36% higher conversion rates than native apps
  • Progressive web apps register 50% higher customer engagement
  • Businesses switching to PWAs notice a decrease in page loading speed of up to 10 times
  • The average bounce rate of a PWA is just 42.86%
  • Progressive web apps cost 33% less to maintain
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Lower Development Costs

PWA works on any platform, offline and online. You don’t need to spend money on its development for each platform as it’s the same for all systems. That’s not only cost-efficient but also allows your brand to cover a bigger audience, regardless of their devices. A single native app may cost you $10,000. Progressive web apps are significantly more affordable to make.

Excellent User Experience

46% of people say they would not purchase from a brand again if they had an interruptive mobile experience. PWAs are responsible across all possible screens, platforms, and browsers. Users will always have a way to find your content and engage with it.

Win Google Rankings

Google indexes PWAs, unlike mobile apps. Moreover, Progressive Web Apps are much faster than ordinary mobile websites due to decreased data usage. They are lighter, quicker, and smoother. This solution will help you boost traffic, Search Engine Ranking and be ahead of two million iOS and Android applications.

The Way We Work

Business Expertise

  1.  A client brings the idea.
  2.  We analyze the client’s business processes
  3.  Finalize the idea of the project, taking into account the business  needs.
  4.  Our development team calculates time and development costs.
Challenge1 PWA Development Services for Magento | Adobe Commerce® Stores
Prototyping PWA Development Services for Magento | Adobe Commerce® Stores


When we know what the client expects from the PWA, we begin prototyping it. We pay a lot of attention to interface creating the prototype as user experience is the key to successful sales. At this stage, the client gets an opportunity to look at the functionality of the future PWA without the software part.


We use the best UX design practices and recommendations of Google and Apple to create an easy-to-use and convenient interface. Every time we design our solutions, we strive to create unique and feature-rich experiences that help our clients be ahead of the competition.

Design_PWA PWA Development Services for Magento | Adobe Commerce® Stores
Development_fixed PWA Development Services for Magento | Adobe Commerce® Stores


Our team builds a backlog for the whole project and starts the development process. At this stage, we regularly hold meet-ups with the client to discuss the current state of affairs.

Project Delivery

We demonstrate the development results, estimates possible risks and problems, make the client’s adjustments if needed, optimize the application and close the task.

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