eCommerce Custom
Theme Development

Use your vision to create a unique and outstanding design for your customers.

Default and ready-made eCommerce themes don’t reflect the brand’s uniqueness and its products. eCommerce is overcrowded with numerous identical templates that stop customers from recognizing your brand. Moreover, they are built around out-of-box features that make an online store less flexible. With a custom theme, you truly own the website look and feel rather than build on the default capabilities of a purchased theme.

Design_PWA Custom Theme Development

Custom Theme Development Suits You If

unique-solution Custom Theme Development

You need a unique solution to meet your business needs and specifics.

recognizable-style Custom Theme Development

You need an eye-catching and recognizable style to stand out
the competitors.

established-client-interface Custom Theme Development

You have an established client interface model and know that your customers need a specific personalized features.

planning Custom Theme Development

You know what you want and like planning everything down to every last detail.

Custom Theme Development Process


We analyze your business specifications and needs, competitors, target audience and customer behavior. It helps us to understand how to transmit your brand identity into a unique design and estimate the scope of work.

Research Custom Theme Development
Slide-2 Custom Theme Development


We create several design prototypes, discuss them with you, make adjustments if necessary and proceed to development.


We create a development roadmap including required solutions and extensions to implement the new design.

Challenge1 Custom Theme Development
Theme-development Custom Theme Development

4.Theme development

We create an installable theme.

5.QA assurance and optimization

We perform manual testing and fix possible functional issues.

QA-assurance Custom Theme Development

Custom eCommerce Theme Benefits


The eCommerce industry is overcrowded with template websites that have the same appearance. It makes customers hardly recognize your brand among hundreds of websites. A custom-made Magento theme will help you to reflect your identity and differentiate your store from the rest. Custom designs establish a powerful online presence and let potential customers you’re serious about your products and services.

Rich Functionality

Custom themes fully correspond to specific business and customer needs. A custom-made theme provides you with a set of rich out-of-box functionality you’re looking for on your website. Moreover, you get an opportunity to make it as powerful as you want.

SEO Optimization

Custom themes are more user-friendly which helps you to get top rankings much faster and easier. Moreover, a custom Magento theme can provide you with a competitive advantage over the websites using ready-made templates.

Full Control

A custom theme gives you full control over your website. It helps you to control how your website will look like, how your brand should be showcased to the customer, how to progress the website and how to make it impressive for the users.

eCommerce Custom
Theme Development

The price depends on the assessment of the complexity of the project.

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