Rite Gift Card Extension


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  • Extension package for Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • payment with a gift card (similar to coupon codes applying)
  • validation of a card in the Rite system
  • gift cards grid
  • “My Gift Cards” section in customers’ profiles
  • gift card deposits from a profile page
  • cookie-based restrictions to non-registered users
  • redirect to signing up page after X pages visited

Business Issue

Rite Gift Card extension allows customers to purchase products at Magento stores with a gift card based on its value. The extension makes the payment process with a gift card faster and more convenient as customers need just to fill in the standard coupon field with the gift card number. Moreover, Magento store admins can track gift card data in a new grid. In addition, the extension adds a new “My Gift Cards” section to customers’ profiles, where they can see the values of their gift cards.


Upload a CSV file with gift cards at System > Configuration > Magen Magic Extensions > Rite Gift Cards.

Create a new Simple product and choose Attribute Set > Rite Gift Card. In the option Rite Gift Card choose Yes. Set price and put the ID of created product into the field Store ID in settings.

Open the Rite Gift Cards section in the admin panel to see the grid.

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