Cache Control Header Extension


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  • Extension package for Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • configurable Cache-Control header value;
  • configurable Pragma header value;
  • settings for certain types of pages.

Business Issue

Magento merchants often face caching issues using Cloudflare, a service for content delivery and website security. The problem is that Magento sends no-cache values with HTML documents. Cache-Control Header extension for Magento fixes this issue and allows online merchants to set headers for correct Cloudflare work. Properly configured HTTP headers boost clients’ retention and Google rankings.


  1. Go to the extension settings, select YES in the first field if you need to set the required value for a certain page.
  2. Set the value for Cache-Control Header in the second field.
  3. Set the type of pages that should contain the new value.
  4. In the Pragma Header section set the needed values the same way as for Cache-Control.
Cache-Control-Header Our Cache Control Header Extension for Magento Websites


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