Auto Related Products Popup Extension


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  • Extension package for Magento 1.6

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Extension Features

  • related items popup
  • related products number option
  • quick access from admin panel
  • products correlation by attributes values
  • automatic products assignment by rule

Business Issue

When customers buy products, they usually forget about related products they may also need. Auto-Related Products Extension for Magento shows customers a message to add related items to the shopping, helping online merchants to get more sales and increase the average check per customer.


The extension connects products by attributes and their values. Simply put, you can show product X to customers whenever they add a product with attribute Y to their shopping carts.

Go to System > Configuration > Magen Magic extensions > Auto Related Products Popup in your Magento admin area.
There, set the number of products to show in the popup.

Then, go to the Auto Related Product Popup section in the admin panel and press the Add New Rule button.

  • Choose products to show in the popup and press Save.
  • Go to Attribute information, choose the needed attribute and its values.

The Auto-Related Products Extension displays related products when customers add the products with the selected attribute values to their shopping carts.

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