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  • Extension Package For Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ share buttons
  • promotional catalog rules as a reward
  • provide a link to a book, manual, or catalog as a reward for sharing
  • use title and description to make it clear for users
  • works on product pages
  • use several promotional rules at once

Business Issue

Social Media Locker extension motivates customers to share products and services more by providing them with rewards for sharing (e.g., special offers, discounts, etc.). It’s a must-have solution for merchants who use Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for sales and brand promotion.

Social Media Locker for Magento in Work

  • create standard promotional rules in the Magento admin area
  • choose products for Social Locker
  • choose rewards for users – discounts, gifts, guides, etc.
  • add titles and descriptions for users


Go to System > Configuration > MagenMagic Extensions > Social Locker > enable the extension.

Go to Promotions > Catalog Price Rule > Social Locker.
There, you will see a block with the next fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Sharing Message
  • Hide behind the social locker

Title and Hide behind social locker are the most essential blocks. The others are optional.

Note! Before using the extension create a rule for discount/promotion.

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