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Extension Features

  • creating of quotes by the customer
  • e-mail notification for admin
  • e-mail history in admin area
  • changing conditions in customer’s offer
  • “Make offer” form with a field where you can add any comment
  • reminder letters about approved offers
  • convert customer’s offer into quotes

Business Issue

Negotiate with your clients and sell more products. Price Match extension adds a new button to your store. When customers press it, they see the next fields:.

  • price
  • amount
  • shipping zip
  • e-mail

Here, customers can set the desired price for wanted products. For example, customers can say that they will buy three items at XX price.

Admin receives a letter with the customer’s quote and decides what to do with it: approve, reject, or change conditions. If the admin approves or changes the offer, the admin converts the customer’s offer in a quote and sends an e-mail to the customer with a link to checkout.


Open System > Configuration > MagenMagic extensions > Price Match (Make Offer)

There, you will see 6 blocks:

Pop-up button on the product page. Set CSS Selectors for the button’s place.

Pop-up options. In this block, you can change settings for the Make Offer form, which appears after clicking on the button.

E-mail options.

  • Set the admin e-mail that the customers receive in the Admin Email section.
  • Offer Confirm Subject and Offer Confirm Body Template. Set a text customer will receive after submitting an offer.
  • Applied Email Subject and Applied Email Body. Set the text that customers receive if the offer is approved.
  • Remind Email subject and Remind Email Body. Set text to be sent in a reminder letter.
  • If the offer is rejected, place text that you want to send to customers in the fields Denied Email subject and Denied Email body.
  • After everything is done and the customer has made a payment, the client will receive a notification with the order status. Set the text for this letter in the fields Close Email subject and Close Email body.

IMAP Mailing options

This section should be filled if you want to see the customer’s message history in the admin area.

Cart options. In this section, you can Enable/Disable the next options:

  • Clear cart before offer added.
  • Remove other offers from the cart.
  • Using zip-control on the page.

Checkout options. Here you can disable zip-control on the checkout page.

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