Send From China Synchronization


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  • Extension package for Magento 1.x

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Extension Features


  • product price update;
  • product quantity update;
  • download Product Size (product sizes from SFC);
  • download Product Weight (product weight from SFC)
  • price markup (adds price to a shipping price from SFC (with % – adds %, without % – adds the absolute number in the currency of store, 0 – no additional price).
  • create SFC Order Automatically (automatically create orders in SFC, when they are created at Magento store).

Business Issue

Send From China Synchronization extension synchronizes data between online stores and SendFromChina service. It compares products’ SKUs at stock and your store by API and updates price and quantity data. The solution helps to facilitate order and product management, avoid product discrepancies and any shipping delays..
Send-from-China-Synchronization Our Send From China Synchronization Extension for Magento Websites


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