Last Modified (If Modified Since) Extension


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  • Extension package for Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • automatically configures last modified 304 response
  • automatically configures if modified since 200 response

Business Issue

When a user or any search bot visits a Magento website, the server provides a response if the page was changed since the last visit. If the content hasn’t changed, the page will be loaded from the browser’s cache, which positively impacts the page speed load and server speed. However, if the correct response isn’t set on the server, it won’t provide the information about changes and the content downloads from the server every time. Last-Modified Extension automatically configures both last-modified 304 and if modified since 200 responses.


Install and enable the extension. Test the response via
Last-Modified-304-If-modified-since-200 Our Last Modified (If Modified Since)  Extension for Magento Websites


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