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  • Extension package for Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • Create custom rules and conditions for comment placement;
  • Combine created rules and conditions;
  • Disable/enable your rules;
  • Mass delete your rules.

Business Issue

Add Order Comment extension adds comments to orders, reminding store admins that ordered products have special conditions (e.g., exclusive promo, shipping, and other conditions). Auto comments help store managers to save time on more essential tasks and make order processing faster and smoother.

Order Comment Example: Add a gift from the brand X. 


1. Go to Stores > Configuration > MagenMagic > Add Order Comments > Enable Module;

2. After the installation, you’ll see a new tab Order Comments in the Marketing section. Go to Order Comments > Add New Rule;

3. Set the required fields marked by ⚹;

4. Submit a test order with the product matching the rule;

5. Check the section under Order Total.

Add-Order-Comments Our Add Order Comment extension for Magento websites


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