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  • Extension package for Magento 1.X

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Extension Features

  • auto-cancellation via cron
  • messages for admin
  • messages for customers
  • items re-stock
  • check order status

Business Issue

It is crucial to cancel unpaid orders and re-stock items because customers can’t buy a product when it is “booked” by another user. Cancel Order Extension automates order management and saves time both for admins and customers. No more manual order checking and re-stocking.


In the extension settings, you can specify a lifetime of orders with a specific status (e.g., pending). When this period ends, the module cancels orders and re-stocks items. Then, admins and customers receive a notification.
How to Use Cancel Order Extension for Magento?

  • select order status to be canceled;
  • set the time period for cron to check orders (when extension will check pending orders – “*/10 * * * *” – means every 10 minutes “*/* 1 * * *” – means every hour – you will get example bellow the field);
  • set the lifetime of the order – if you set 10 minutes, all orders that have a pending status for 10 minutes and more will be canceled;
  • specify the time period for orders to be checked: last day orders or last week orders;
  • enter your email to get notifications with links to canceled orders.
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