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Extension Features

  • check if SKU/UPC of product at stock matches products in order
  • special Verified label on order pages
  • product grid with incorrect SKU/UPC
  • mobile version for the Verify order tool

Business Issue

Inventory Management extension for Magento helps online merchants avoid sending the wrong items to customers. When an online store sells lots of similar products with different SKU or UPC, there’s a chance to send a package that doesn’t match the order. The wrong packages may lead to a bad reputation among clients, extra expenses, wrong accounting data, and other issues.

The extension adds a Verify Order tool to the admin area. It shows a list of products prepared for packaging and verifies whether a product matches the order.


Go to Sales after installation. You will have 3 new options:

  • Verify order
  • Verify order – mobile version
  • Verify Order Incorrect SKUs

If you find out products with incorrect SKU or UPC and press the button Incorrect SKU/UPC, you’ll add them to the last section. This section doesn’t contain any items at the beginning.

Choose Verify order (or Verify order – mobile version) to check the first order. You will see the Order Number field, enter the order number from your admin area here.

Then, you’ll see the list of products for this order. Enter SKU or UPC in the form. If the item matches the order, you’ll see the message Verified at the bottom and the OK status. You’ll see the Item doesn’t match message and its status will be the same, if this item doesn’t match it

If you are sure that SKU or UPC is incorrect, and you need to send this product to the customer, press the button Incorrect SKU or UPC (depends on a parameter that is wrong).

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