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Extension Features

  • Nudge blocks (Offer expires in XX Days/Hours) for product pages.
  • Customizable time frame settings  (hours, days, etc.).
  • Customizable text for nudge blocks.

Business Issue

Numerous websites have good traffic but a low conversion rate and high cart abandonment rate. Customers’ hesitation may be one of the possible reasons for that.

We’ve developed an Offer Expire extension for Magento to motivate customers to make their purchase decisions faster by creating a sense of urgency. The solution allows online merchants to add the remaining time until the end of the special price for any product in hours or days on the product page.


  1. Stores>Configuration>MagenMagic>Offer expires in XX days/hours > Enable the extension >Set text for the nudge blocks >Set style for the text
  2. Catalog>Products>Choose a product to apply the nudge block>Advanced Pricing > Set Special Price > Set Special Price Timeframe
  3. Apply and save settings.
Offer-Expires Our Offer Expires Extension for Magento Websites


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