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New Year – January 1

New Year’s discounts finish the sales season in the USA. Since Christmas is the main winter holiday in the United States, the scale of Post-Christmas sales is not so great. However, they last until the end of January. You should try to sell all the goods that you haven’t sold out before Christmas.

Therefore, it’s an ideal time to stand out competitors. Despite the decreased customers’ purchasing power, you can surprise everyone with big discounts (up to 90%) and a wide range of products. It’s time to get rid of the old collections.

Use the “Two plus one” method. It works well in niches with good margins, or in cases when you need PR at any cost. You should form a few sets of promotional products from several goods, one of which will be free. You will earn extra money due to the growth of the average check as people spend lots of money before Christmas.

Super Bowl – February 3

It’s a perfect time for selling sports goods and using the “Competition” method to sell more. You should agree that a prize received in a fair competition brings more pleasure than a gift or discount. It’s time to use your social networks: create and repost contests, create hype around your brand, enhance credibility and loyalty. Don’t forget to come up with a special hashtag for your contest and connect it to Super Bowl/your brand.

St. Valentine’s Day – February 14

On this holiday, it’s usual to give each other gifts with love symbols – candies, decorations and heart-shaped toys, greeting cards with confessions. Sales and promotion campaigns begin in 1-2 weeks before Valentine’s Day on love theme items, jewelry, etc. Run discounts on products of these categories.

I recommend you to use “Melting discounts”. The idea is that on the first day of your campaign you offer a 30% discount, and then you reduce it by 1-5% every day. At the start of this campaign, customers may not be so active, but their activity increases when the discount starts to “melt” right in front of them.

Mardi Gras on February

You should be ready for this great festival in advance. This way your customers will be aware of upcoming promotions. Launch a marketing campaign in social networks for your new customers, as well as a mailing list for regular customers. If you sell creative products, hold a web master class.

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

This day is one of the most celebrated Catholic holidays in Ireland, England, and the USA, including some provinces of Canada and a number of other countries. If you want to succeed on this day, launch your discounts a couple of days before the celebration and keep them valid for about a week.

Try out “Small gifts”. Let’s be honest, everyone loves freebies. It’ll be enough just to give a nice little thing, which will remind your customers of your brand. It may be a mug, keychain, phone case, etc. Despite it seems to be a small bonus, many people will appreciate it. You can also offer your regular customers to exchange the old thing for a new one, with a small surcharge on their part.

Independence Day – July 4

It’s the most important national holiday in the United States of America. It’s time to conduct large-scale, but short-term sales. You can acquaint potential customers with your production by taking part in festive exhibitions and fairs. Find out what events will take place in your city. Can you sponsor them? If the answer is Yes, it’s great. You’ll gain more brand awareness.

Use the “Family purchase” concept. Offer your customers discounts for children’s production when customers add products to their shopping carts. Simply put, you should upsell your products. You can also provide them with free shipping or even give one set of clothes as a gift.

Halloween (Halloween) – October 31

In online stores, sales and holiday discounts usually begin about 1-2 weeks before the scheduled date. During Halloween, you should focus on youth goods, home decoration products, carnival costumes, and other festive products.

Burger King’s advertising campaigns are always creative and provocative. In honor of Halloween, the brand held a campaign that caused a big stir. The clip “Burger King Scary Clown Night” on the official channel gathered more than 1 million views.

The company combined in the video a parody of the recently released horror film “It” and the image of Ronald McDonald, the symbol of McDonald’s main competitor. The video was calling viewers to come to Burger King in a costume of a clown to get a free Whopper.

What to note? Burger King beat the main attributes of the holiday: costumes and fear. They were able to competently laugh at their main competitor and tied the actual image to the theme of the holiday. That is what made their campaign successful and attracted many viewers and clients.

Thanksgiving Day – 4th Thursday of November

It’s one more important family holiday in the US. Usually, the long-awaited Christmas sales start right on that day. As a rule, a few days before Thanksgiving, American online stores announce 10% discounts and raise them every day.

Use the “Buy more to save” method. It sounds attractive to customers as it creates a feeling of benefit. Make sure that your discounts are attractive enough to push potential customers to action. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t make them extremely high.

Black Fridays – Interval from November 23 to November 29

“Limited offer” method. This tactic is widespread in grocery retailing. The idea is that you set a limit on available products. People are often scared to miss an opportunity to buy a limited but good product. This marketing technique works for ages and proves to be one of the most efficient ones. Even those customers who may don’t need a thing will hurry up to get an “exclusive” offer.

“Sets and kits”. If you want to increase the average check, feel free to use this technique. Offer your clients a set of interrelated products like gin and tonic. The point is that buying a kit is more profitable than purchasing its content separately. It sounds appealing even for those who don’t need a whole set.

These days are a goldmine for any online retailer. Try to reach out to opinion leaders and bloggers. They can advertise your goods by including them into wishlists which will help you to reach your target audience. As another option, you can create a separate landing page for your campaign.

Cyber Monday (Cyber Monday) – 1st Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday

On this day, online stores set maximum discounts on their goods. This is one of the biggest sales of the year, where you can apply absolutely any type of discounts and promotions to your customers.

On Cyber Monday, people buy a lot and often. A proven way to push customers to spend more than they were planning is to combine several products in a package and offer it at a lower price than if they bought separately. For example, a bunch of camera + bag + memory card.

Christmas – December 25

Christmas sales are traditionally considered to be the most generous. In the run-up to Christmas, the range of goods on sale decreases markedly and it’s no longer possible to find what you like or an item of the right size. Products are redeemed so quickly that stores don’t always have time to update their catalogs.

Your trump card is preparation. You should fill up your stock with the most popular sizes, models and product categories. Use any discounts your suppliers and your financial policies allow.

Don’t forget to decorate your site and create a festive mood. Add to your store green and red colors, snowflakes, frosty patterns, Santa Claus, etc.

Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

Partnership Manager at Mobecls who is really passionate about eCommerce and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and products.