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Last year, almost all in-person eCommerce events were shut down due to the pandemics. Fortunately, with the increase of vaccination and safety protocols, face to face meetings are coming back. In this blog post, we’ll cover the best offline and online eCommerce Conferences 2022, where you can find new insights and inspiration to take your business to the higher level.

Virtual eCommerce Events and Summits 


Ecommerce Tech Inspire 2021-2022 by Mobecls

Date: 8-9 December, 2021 

Location: Virtual 

Short Description: Mobecls gathers speakers from top eCommerce to discuss cutting-edge trends, new technologies, COVID impact, eCommerce strategies for business growth, and other hot topics. 

Price: Free 

Why attend: 

  • 16 industry-leading speakers from top eCommerce companies
  • 10+ hours of growth content
  • Get access to all speakers’ content after the summit


Ad World

Date:  May 2 -3, 2022

Location: Virtual

Short Description: World’s largest online advertising event

Why you should attend: 

  • 70,000+ attendees come to learn, share secrets and connect online with top leaders in the advertising industry
  • 10+ digital advertising tracks consisting of hyper-focused speeches, panels, and live Q&A sessions to help take your business to the next level

Price: $269+


Ecom World

Date:  4-5 May, 2022

Location: Virtual

Short Description: ​​Ecom World is gathering the world’s most innovative founders, brightest minds, and trailblazing DTC brands. Over two days, they’ll share exclusive knowledge, tactics, and actionable strategies.

Why you should attend:

  • Expect 40,000+ attendees
  • 10+ tracks of in-depth speeches, panels, workshops, and live Q&A sessions


Offline eCommerce Conferences 2022


NRF 2022 – New York, USA

Date: 16-18 January 2022

Short Description: National Retail Federation helds its annual conference and brings together speakers from Alibaba, Ralph Lauren, Walmart and other top companies. They will share their insights on eCommerce innovations and trends, digital marketing, business growth, and other hot topics.

Price: $1000+

Why attend: 

  • Speakers from top companies like Alibaba and Walmart;
  • Networking opportunities with 30.000 + attendees.     


E-Commerce Berlin Expo – Berlin, Germany

Date: 9 February 2022

Short Description: Berlin Expo is one of the largest eCommerce events in Europe that attracts more than 10K visitors from all over the world. This year, there will be more than 200 exhibitors that will share their products and eCommerce insights. 

Price: Free

Why attend: 

  • Free registration that gives you an access to the expo area;
  • Q&A sessions; 
  • Get to know the creators of the eCommerce products/services


eCommerce Fair Tokyo  – Tokyo, Japan

Date: 17-18 February 2022

Short Description: The biggest eCommerce event in Japan that covers 6 areas: 

  • Smart Logistics Area 
  • B2B Solution Area
  • Cross-border EC / Inbound Area
  • Innovation & Startup Area
  • VR/AR
  • Video Solutions


White Label World Expo United Kingdom,London, UK

Date: 2-3 March, 2022

Short Description: The event gathers thousands of online sellers, suppliers and buyers from all around the world under the same roof by providing great networking opportunities: 7,000 visitors, 200 speakers, 500 exhibitors. 

Price: Free 

Why attend: 

  • Thought-provoking Panel Debates;
  • Meet representatives from Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and other top companies;
  • Networking opportunities with 7,000+ visitors.


E-commerce & Digital Marketing Expo – Athens, Greece

Date: 19-20 March 2022

Short Description: The largest eCommerce experts event in Southeastern Europe delivering growth to the digital ecosystem and brings together more than 100 international speakers, 100 exhibitors and more than 4000 e-tailers.

Price: Free 

Why attend: 

  • High-Level Networking
  • Delivering leads
  • In-Depth Education
  • Business & Collaborations


Savant eCommerce Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 22-23 March 2022  

Short Description: Offline event that brings together eCommerce masterminds and sector leaders to share their methods and strategies to drive profits and stay ahead from the competition.  


  • Two days dedicated to the pillars of Profitability and the balance with Sustainability
  • Exploiting personalised shopping holiday experiences
  • Good CX is worth its money
  • Understanding your customers e-body
  • The need for an Omnichannel revolution
  • One planet business strategies
  • Point of view: Understanding pressing problems in eCommerce from a different angle 
  • A look to the future

Why attend: 

  • 90+ Retailers & Brands
  • 12+ Hours of packed content 
  • 11+ hours of networking 


Shoptalk – Las Vegas, USA

Date:27-30 March 2022

Short Description: Shoptalk says that the event is a gathering of individuals and companies reshaping how consumers discover, shop and buy.  The event provides a platform for large retailers and branded manufacturers, startups, tech companies, investors, media and analysts to learn, network, collaborate and evolve.

Some Topics: 

  • The Transformation of Physical Retail
  • The Changing Consumer
  • Innovative Growth Strategies
  • Groundbreaking Marketing Strategies & Tactics
  • The Future of Brands
  • Innovations in Merchandising
  • Using Data Effectively
  • Emerging Retail Technologies

Price: $3000

Why attend: 

  • 8000+ attendees;
  • 600 tech companies; 
  • 4 days of high-quality content. 


E-commerce Expo Asia – Singapore

Date: 12-13 October 2022

Short Description: Must-attend eCommerce event for B2B and B2C retailers who want experience the now, the new and the not-yet of ecommerce technology, ideas, techniques and inspiration. The event covers hot topics like Customer Experience, Mobile Commerce, Cross Border Commerce, e-Commerce Trade Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Omni-Channel Retail, Last Mile Delivery, and more. 

Why attend: 

  • Network with over 5,000 eCommerce and retail professionals;
  • Engage in lively discussions around the latest cutting-edge technologies.
Dmitry Yatskevich

Dmitry Yatskevich

Head of Sales at Mobecls and eCommerce consultant with over 20+ years of experience, which he uses to help online retailers take their business to the next level.