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The average eCommerce store has a 2 % conversion, which means that for every 100 visitors, a website can expect two customers. Do you want to be ahead of the competition and beat the statistics? The question is rhetorical. If you’re looking for a solid solution to skyrocket sales, here’s a list of top extensions for Magento 2 that will help you take your conversion to a higher level.

Top Magento 2 Extension to Boost Conversion

One Step Checkout by Mageplaza

One Step Checkout by Mageplaza is one of the best extensions for Magento 2 to enhance customer experience during checkout and prevent abandoned carts. The fewer steps a customer needs to check out, the better for conversion. 

Remarkable features: 

  • Google Address Suggestions. When customers fill in some characters, Google shows all suggestions with all the details. Then, a customer needs to select an option without entering the whole address.
  • “Find me” functionality. An additional feature which detects a customer’s location and auto-fills the address.
  • Payment methods. The extension supports all the popular payment methods such as Stripe, Credit Card, Paypal, Paypal Pro, SagePay, BrainTree, Skrill, (3D Secure), Bitcoin, 2Checkout, OnePay and many more.
  • Trust Badges. 15% of customers abandon carts because they are concerned about payment security. Ensure their trust by adding trust badges to the checkout page.
  • Advanced Quick Cart. This add-on updates the default minicart. With its help customers can see the cart information, apply a coupon code and proceed to checkout. This feature is available only for Ultimate edition.
  • Abandoned Cart Email Extension. The Professional and Ultimate editions of One Step Checkout extension include Abandoned Cart Email Extension which sends emails to customers reminding them about their abandoned carts and offering a discount. In addition, the extension has a built-in report functionality to track cart abandonment and recovery rates.

Beeketing’s Sales and Conversion Optimization

Traffic means nothing if users don’t buy your products or services, subscribe to a newsletter, complete contact forms, or request demos. It’s sad when an online store has tons of traffic but fails to convert visitors into customers. Beeketing’s extension for Magento 2 aims at leading users to purchases by providing online merchants with 10 + built-in tools to leverage the conversion rate at all stages of the marketing funnel:

  • Acquire and convert leads;
  • Up-sell and cross-sell;
  • Engage with customers.

The extension includes such tools as recent sales notifications, countdown widgets, coupon pop-ups, product recommendations, email marketing tools and many more.  With the help of these tools, you’ll be able to engage with customers at every stage of their shopping journeys. Motivate them to spend money and skyrocket your sales.

Remarkable features:

  • AI-powered upselling;
  • Insightful reports on implemented features;
  • Smart mailbot which sends personalized follow up emails.

Product Popularity Status by MagenMagic

92% of consumers hesitate to purchase if there are no customer reviews. People are more prone to trust the experience of other people rather than a product description. But how to get customers’ trust when you don’t have enough product reviews? In this case, you can complement product reviews with a Product Popularity Status extension for Magento 2 stores. The module adds notification pop-ups to product pages that tell customers how many people are choosing a product right now and how many people added a product to the cart in XX minutes. When customers see that numerous people are choosing the same product simultaneously or adding it to their shopping carts, they begin to trust this product more, which stimulates them to buy it. This manipulation works well as customers are more prone to trust the experience of other online shoppers than any product description.


  • Add motivational pop ups to the product pages (XXX people added this product into a cart in the last XXX minutes/ XXX people are choosing product X right now);
  • Set custom message texts;
  • Select any place on a page to insert the message.


Loyalty Program by Amasty

Getting new customers is more expensive than retaining the existing ones. Fortunately, the Loyalty Program extension for Magento 2 by Amasty will help cut down the expenses on converting users into customers and make old customers come back more. This extension allows online merchants to create a reward system with multiple levels. You’ll be able to set special promo conditions for your customer groups and assign them to those levels.

Top features:

  • 16 shopping cart rules actions;
  • Promotions based on purchase history;
  • Create rules to move customers automatically up to the next level;
  • PWA compatible extension;
  • The Loyalty Program discount will be applied automatically during the checkout.

Magento Shipping Calculator by MageWorx

Unexpected shipping costs are one of the reasons customers abandon shopping carts. Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem with the help of the Shipping Calculator extension for Magento 2 developed by MageWorx.  The solution allows customers to check the costs of your shipping options in the blink of an eye. Moreover, customers can calculate the costs by country, region and postal code. In addition, you can highlight the cheapest shipping option and display the calculator on any page of your website (e.g., all product pages, single product page, category pages).


  • ‘Shipping Cost’ block on product pages;
  • Highlight the cheapest method;
  • Specify the title and description for the Shipping Calculator;
  • Add images and descriptions for each shipping method.


Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty

This extension is a must-have for online stores that have tons of items with different categories at multi-levels. Improved Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 stores is a replacement for the default Magento search functionality. It provides a rich system of filters so that customers can easily search for products or navigate through your website. Moreover, it allows equipping websites with flexible vertical and horizontal menus. A well-designed and user-friendly navigation is the key to an excellent shopping experience and search engine rankings.


  • Generate SEO-friendly URLs and brand pages;
  • AJAX loading page;
  • Advanced Categories Tree;
  • Shop by Brand functionality (Pro edition);
  • ‘Shop by’ options (On Sale, New, Rating and Stock filters)


Refer a Friend by Aheadworks

Offering customers a referral program is a reliable and effective way of motivating online shoppers to make purchases and getting new customers.  Refer a Friend extension for Magento 2 by Aheadworks is a solid solution for attracting new clients and getting more loyal customers by providing them with an opportunity to receive bonuses for using a refer-a-friend program. The more friends customers invite to your store, the more rewards they will accumulate. This way, you will get more opportunities for brand promotion, growing customer base and conversion boosting.


  • Reward Management;
  • Email Options;
  • Restriction Settings;
  • Welcoming Popup;
  • Referral Rules.

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Dmitry Yatskevich

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