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Sansec, the leader in eCommerce malware and vulnerability detection, discovered more than 2000 cyber attacks on Magento 1 stores over the September 12-13 weekend, 2020. The hackers placed malicious JavaScript code on the checkout pages of these stores to intercept customers’ payment information. Cybersecurity experts state that this data breach may have compromised tens of thousands of online customers. 

It’s the biggest Magento 1 data breach since 2019, when Magecart attacked more than 960 online stores and  compromised the personal data on around 500,000 customers. One more huge cyber attack on Magento 1 stores happened in 2015, when hackers attacked 700 online stores. 

Magecart is a high profile malware and has caused problems for many high profile companies. For example, British Airlines received a 183m GBP fine when the malware infected its platforms and compromised the personal data of half a million of their customers.

Unfortunately, the number of hacker attacks on stores built with Magento 1 will only increase due to the end of its support. Despite the warnings of the Magento company and the leading payment solutions providers like VISA and PayPal, almost 100,000 online stores still use the outdated eCommerce platform.

However, two years of cautions about Magento 1 end of life did the work. More and more merchants migrate their businesses to Magento 2 and the number of Magento 1.x stores went down from 240,000 to 110,000 in June 2020, and to 70,000 today.

Magento 2 Offers Merchants More Comprehensive Security: 

  • Enhanced Password Algorithms
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Dynamic Backup Plan
  • Unique Admin URL
  • Better Development Environment

Moreover, Magento 1 can hardly keep up with the latest eCommerce trends and tendencies. 

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migration_ico How to protect your Magento 1 online store from data breaches and hacks

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Nikita Shkurd

Nikita Shkurd

Nikita is a Partnership Manager at Mobecls and a newsmaker/streamer at home. Thinks that the best opportunity in his job is to help businesses get out of hopeless situations.