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NRF (Retail’s Big Show)
January 13 – 15, New York, NY

NRF is the largest and most significant ecommerce conferences 2019 in the world on the topic of innovation and technology in retail and e-commerce. The history of the conference has more than 100 years: for the first time, it was held in 1911. During the Retail’s Big Show, a conference is held with a large number of business ecommerce events, in which about 200 industry experts will share their experience and knowledge.

In general, Retail’s Big Show is an event where trends are set, the rules of the game change and the most successful global retailers participate.

NRF’s Big Show is an active part of retail industry professionals, cutting-edge technology and the coolest conversations on a wide variety of topics, from the next Amazon acquisition to better managing the return of goods process.

The exhibition provides an opportunity for the general industry to exchange views and predictions about the future of retail and e-commerce.

eTail West
February 19 – 22, Palm Springs, CA

The annual conference gathers more than 3,000 professionals from the e-commerce industry. Here you can see major market players, high-profile statements and the birth of trends. Here, companies share their achievements in the field of implementing the latest technologies.

Traffic & Conversion Summit
February 25 – 27, San Diego, CA

Traffic and Conversion Summit is one of the largest traffic and conversion ecommerce conferences 2019. Every year, it gathers thousands of marketers at one site in San Diego who follow the latest trends and trends in the industry. Here they will learn what you can earn in digital marketing today.

Here you can learn about new traffic channels that are available to us today thanks to the optimization and improvement of video advertising, segmented retargeting models.

Participants will talk about the latest “breakthroughs” in the conversion box.

New sales models will be discussed here, as well as updates to the conversion funnel. Participants will learn how to use simple changes to increase sales, organize the growth of satisfied customers and end the war between the sales department and the marketing department.

There is no empty theory: only modern sessions with experience and working techniques from practitioners who have already tested them and got the result.

In order for the participants to focus on the conferences and select the truly interesting and specifically needed reports, the organizers developed a special user plan, dividing all the talks into sections:

  • Head Honcho. Section for business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers. In that framework, you will listen to speeches on business strategies and tactics.
  • Sellers. Here, participants will learn how to properly use online and offline channels to start sales.
  • Analysts. Section for business owners and marketers who rely only on statistics and do not make decisions intuitively.
  • Digital retailers. The section consists of reports for traditional retailers working in the digital industry and planning to compete with companies such as Amazon. You will know how to behave in a competitive environment and how to develop sales of physical goods.
  • Publishers. In this section, participants will learn which tools work when creating and distributing digital content (text, video, music, images).
  • Digital advertisers. Information about the latest updates in the world of paid traffic on YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc.

March 3 – 6 | Las Vegas, NV

This is one of the largest eCommerce conferences 2019. Here more than 200 people speak annually. Among them are speakers from Alibaba, Amazon, Samsung, etc.

This is a large-scale event in which you comprehend all the innovative knowledge in the field of e-commerce so that your business is ahead of the competition. This is the largest eCommerce event in the world where you can learn about new technologies, meet interesting people, talk with various experts and find new ideas for your business.

The exhibition divided into several zones, so you will definitely find a lot of interesting things for yourself: customer relations, shipping and logistics, marketing and promotion, payments and finance, website and back office, assortment management, and others. If you work in a service company, the conferences will provide an opportunity to show innovative developments and ideas to your potential customers.

eCommerce Innovation Summit
March 20 – 21, San Francisco, CA

You will definitely enjoy this event if you like to think, listen, talk, and see. Here can talk about a personal experience, the results of project implementation and communicate with leading market participants, what is happening now and what should be expected in the future. Besides, there is an opportunity not only to listen and think but also to look at business solutions, innovative equipment, and technologies.

The format of the forum is an exhibition, conferences, and roundtables that are held in parallel. Key topics include digital and mobile economies, eCommerce, marketing, PR, and more. Not only professionals come here, but also representatives of related industries, other countries, the media, the scientific community and the best university students.

AI Masters
Jan 24-25, Berlin, Germany

Five years ago, artificial intelligence solutions were few. Complained that expensive and difficult. There are too many solutions now. Now it is difficult to understand what works, how it works, what exactly to do and in what order. That is one of the most interesting eCommerce conferences in 2019 in the field of artificial intelligence.

The objective of the conference is to structure knowledge about automating business processes using artificial intelligence, chatbots and the Internet of things.

Tasks of technology:

  • reduce the number of human errors;
  • reduce the cost and automate production;
  • speed up the customer service process;
  • improve business intelligence;
  • automate marketing.

You will learn how to increase sales and consider examples of what needs to be done and in what order. Speakers will show how to increase revenue, monitor and improve the performance of algorithms, and obtain methods for increasing each indicator.

Also, you will learn:

  • what are AI, chatbots and IoT as business tools;
  • the pros and cons of each technology;
  • which processes are more profitable to automate;
  • about technical development;
  • from whom to order solutions;
  • what platforms to use for prototyping.

AI Masters is a conference for business owners and managers of functional areas: СFO, CDO, CMO.

Japan’s largest international exhibition of information technology will present all types of modern information technology and IT solutions. The event is focused on business executives and information departments, sales managers, system integrators and IT managers. The exhibitors are representatives of the largest foreign and domestic companies, discuss technical issues, present innovative technologies, and products, exchange experience with partners, expand the circle of business contacts.

Japan IT Week: Web & Digital Marketing Expo
Jan 23-25, Osaka, Japan

The integrated event includes many specialized exhibitions related to information technology:

  • Storage technology;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Internet and digital marketing;
  • Information Security;
  • Customer relationship management;
  • Servers, data storage/processing centers;
  • Internet of things and related products and services -E-commerce;
  • Solutions for smartphones and mobile phones;
  • Technologies and solutions for retailers.
  • artificial intelligence

That is one of the useful ecommerce conferences 2019 in the field of IT.

Imagine 2019
May 13-15, Wynn, Las Vegas

Here people come to exchange experiences, discuss the latest versions of the frameworks and the language of PHP, as well as share their own experiences in the application of certain tools for solving specific practical problems, and of course, for the purpose of networking.

  • Magento – reports for developers for eCommerce system Magento;
  • Zend Framework – reports for developers using the Zend framework;
  • PHP – a stream of interesting information for all PHP developers;
  • Mix – reports about open-source, project management, entering the mobile market.

The program is really interesting, speakers talk about the technologies which win the future. Therefore, speakers and listeners come from different cities and countries. Participants will consider how large enterprise-wide PHP projects are developed, how to implement modern development practices in these projects, how to effectively work in distributed teams. Also, there are tools that make life easier for the PHP developer and what you need to do to become a PHP architect and more. That is one of the top eCommerce conferences in 2019 for Magento developers.

Webwinkel Vakdagen
Jan 23-24, Utrecht, the Netherlands

This is the largest technical conference devoted to the Magento platform and eCommerce as a whole. The conference discussed the entire stack of Magento technologies used, and the program went through three streams (Frontend, Backend, and Workshops).

A conference collects experienced PHP and Magento developers. The topics of the MageConf are the entire stack of technologies used by Magento.

Nearly all architects and developers of the platform inherit at the conference. Anton Krill often talks – the main architect of the Magento product.

Many reports devoted to testing products (including automated) and high load optimization. Reports are divided into the theoretical part with cases and practical workshops.

Dmitry Yatskevich

Dmitry Yatskevich

Head of Sales at Mobecls and eCommerce consultant with over 20+ years of experience, which he uses to help online retailers take their business to the next level.