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Mobecls Team has prepared a list of top Magento 2 shipping extensions that will enhance Magento shipping methods, rules, and more. There is no doubt that Magento 2 has lots of outstanding default features. However, its shipping functionality is not so advanced as many merchants would like. If you want to provide your customers with efficient, timely, and user-friendly shipping strategies, you’ll need a couple of extensions.

Top Magento 2 Shipping Extensions

Shipping Restrictions by Amasty 

The extension allows online merchants to restrict particular shipping methods or products by a wide range of condition combinations (e.g., product name, brand, country, etc.). Moreover, you can restrict shipping basing on customer groups, weight, order total, and other parameters.

This Magento 2 shipping extension will help you optimize your shipping options, making them financially suitable for your business. For example, you can block unnecessary shipping options provided by carriers or restrict products from shipping due to transportation, importing/exporting country regulations. By default, in Magento 2, you can block shipping methods only for the whole catalog, which may harm your business.

Main Features:

  • Block shipping methods or whole carriers
  • Create shipping restrictions based on customer’s data
  • Restrict shipping by product attributes, customer groups, store views
  • Create coupons to trigger shipping restrictions

Magento Shipping Suite by MageWorx

With the help of this extension, you can set flexible shipping rules and restrictions, take full control over delivery rates, and manage all types of shipping methods. It allows overwriting the shipping rates by popular shipping services like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others. Moreover, you can add your shipping methods and configure them to your business needs and specifics.

As a whole, this module package includes 10 top Magento shipping extensions:

  • Delivery zones/locations
  • Shipping rates
  • Custom carriers & methods
  • Shipping rules
  • Shipping restrictions
  • Import/export rates
  • Advanced zip codes validation
  • Zones pop-up
  • Delivery date
  • Product shipping calculator

Shipping Rules by Amasty 

This Magento shipping extension lets merchants modify shipping rates based on product conditions and shopping cart attributes. You can also apply additional delivery options like surcharge or discount.

Main features:

  • Create shipping rules based on order, product, and customer attributes
  • Modify rates both for the whole cart and a single product
  • Set up shipping based on customer groups and store views
  • Change delivery prices both by the flat amount and by percent

Store Pickup by Mageplaza 

The extension allows customers to select your physical store for picking up ordered products. This feature increase shopping convenience as online shoppers can choose the most convenient dates & times to collect their items. Moreover, not hiring a third-party shipping service provides the safety of the products. You and your customers won’t face any delays or damaged products.

The next advantage of the store pickup feature is that customers don’t need to pay any shipping fees, which boosts their shopping experience. Furthermore, the extension may provide you one more unobvious benefit, which is the chance to cross-sell and up-sell right at the pickup store.

Main features:

  • Allow customers to pick up products from your physical stores
  • Configure stores available for pickup
  • Show pickup stores and their contacts on the product pages
  • Schedule pickup times for customers and store managers

Need Help to Integrate a Shipping Solution?

Shipping Table Rates by Amasty

This feature-rich module helps online merchants to generate custom table rates and facilitates shipping management. It allows online merchants to create an unlimited number of shipping methods like multiple flat rates, table rates, and more. Moreover, it lets you calculate shipping costs based on several addresses, weight, price, and quantity.

Main features:

  • Create unlimited custom shipping methods
  • Specific rates for a product or a group of products
  • CSV importing of table rates
  • Add multiple flat and percent rates; quantity and weight-based rates, etc.
  • Show estimated delivery dates
  • Magento discount functionality support

Amasty’s Shipping Suite includes all Magento shipping extensions developed by this company and mentioned in this article.  


Matrix Rate Shipping Extension by MageArray

This one of the best free Magento 2 shipping extensions offers customers more flexible shipping options (based on location, weight and quantity, subtotal). Store admins can calculate shipping rates using a CSV file with all the shipping data.

Main features:

  • Shipping methods for different locations
  • Calculate shipping rates depending on weight, product quantity, or order subtotal.
  • Support zip code ranges to define shipping charges
  • Define and add shipping rates using a CSV file

Multi Flat Rate Shipping by LandofCoder 

The extension simplifies the shipping price calculation and improves user experience at the same time. It allows you to add an unlimited number of shipping options based on a wide range of conditions.

Main features:

  • Create and add multiple flat rate shipping methods
  • Apply flat rates by a fixed amount and percentage amount
  • Display custom error messages
  • Supports multi-Store and multi-currencies

Marketplace Table Rate Shipping Add-on by Webkul 

Marketplace Table Rate Shipping allows merchants to create custom shipping methods. It lets you upload a CSV file or enter the necessary shipping details (region, zip code, price, weight, etc.) manually. Then, the extension will calculate shipping rates using the shipping data you uploaded or entered. The module help merchants with order confirmation, tracking number from sellers, and invoice printing.

This module is a marketplace add-on, so you have to install Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module (the extension converts your online store into an online marketplace). 

  • A dynamic order confirmation with tracking code
  • Buyers receive notifications from the seller when the seller ships the product
  • Invoice print management from both seller and vendor panel
  • Tracking ID management from the vendor panel

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Dmitry Yatskevich

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