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September 5-6, 2019, Meet Magento New York. A D-Day for Mobecls as we are on its stage. We’ve decided to share an inspiring story of Vapor Source. Why this story is inspiring? Their online store was created not only to help boost sales through online exposure of products near their potential customers but to optimize inner business processes and consolidate databases.

Ok, all kidding aside, let’s talk briefly about the topic. Vapor Source was founded in 2008. They produce vapor products and position themselves as a brand that helps people to give up smoking. When they opened their first brick and mortar store they were using paper to run business. Every process starting from accounting to inventory management was recorded on paper while using primitive cash registers to record transactions.

Only when they opened their second store, they realized that it became unbearable to record all the data on the paper. The company went online using Zen Cart and Quickbooks. At that time, it was enough to run the company’s two offline stores and start an online exposure campaign.

When Vapor Source opened its 10th offline store they realized that it cost too much to provide every offline store with its accounting, inventory and security software. The 10th QuickBooks license would cost the company $25,000. It would be an upgrade without providing any productivity-boosting and capabilities-enhancing features. It was the time when Magento 2 was released, so Vapor Source started exploring omnichannel solutions.

That’s all we can share with you right now. The most interesting parts will be waiting for you on the stage of Meet Magento NYC, September 5-6, 2019.

Why Attend Meet Magento NYC 2019

Events like Meet Magento NYC solve one of the hottest eCommerce problems — the gap between developers and business. Technical development, management & business are integral parts of the eCommerce industry. Such events act as a bridge that connects merchants and developers. These two parties speak different languages which make their communication ineffective.

Editors Pick: “Community Makes Magento Thrive“. Igor Miniailo, Lead Magento Architect, talks about the gap between Magento and business.

The main goal of the event is to unite business and tech specialists. Meet Magento NY will fully provide both camps with communication and networking. Moreover, it’ll be hard to find a better place to learn more about the latest eCommerce trends both business and technical. Meet Magento NYC has gathered the top experts of these spheres.

As you all know the future Magento events will be held in conjunction with Adobe. Meet Magento NYC will be the last Imagine-like event which we love so much. We want to thank Marsha Naidoo for the opportunity to feel the sweet vibe of Magento Imagine this Autumn. This event should set the tone for future Magento/Adobe meetups and conferences.


Ryan Ehlers & Artem PugachevVapor Source & Mobecls. Topic: A Merchant Growth Story – Starting an Online Store After Succeeding Offline.

Meet-Magento-NY-2019 Mobecls On The Stage Of Meet Magento New York 2019
Artem Pugachev, Mobecls Ltd and Ryan Ehlers, Pueblo Tech LLC, Vapor Source

Jisse Reitsma, Extension developer & trainer, Magento Master 2017-2018-2019, Yireo. Topic: How Magento Extensions Will Fit Into PWA.

jisse Mobecls On The Stage Of Meet Magento New York 2019

Jisse Reitsma

Len Lorijn, Developer, MediaCT. Topic: 2FA & Yu (biKeys).

Tom Robertshaw, Ecommerce Evangelist, Space 48. Topic: Protecting Your Customers From MageCart Attacks.

tom_robertshaw Mobecls On The Stage Of Meet Magento New York 2019

Tom Robertshaw

Bret Williams, CEO, novusweb. Topic: Magento as the Next-Gen Platform.

Olena Tkacheva, Product Manager, Adobe. Topic: Setting Yourself Up For Success with Page Builder.

Victoria Yashchuk, Product Manager, Atwix.  Topic: Data Privacy and AI in eCommerce.

Filip Rakowski, Co-founder of Vue Storefront. Topic: How to Optimize Modern JavaScript Applications and Make Them Load Instantly.

Lincoln White, CIO, Fulton Fish Market. Topic: Reinventing Same-Day Delivery with Magento.

The full list is coming soon. Watch for updates.

See you in New York!

Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls