• We are Magento Development Company

    Looking for a company with significant level of expertise in building web and mobile applications, ecommerce projects? You should definitely put your attention into well trained developer’s team and strongly set up developer’s processes! This is what makes any project easy-going and helps to deliver right in time!

    This is what our company about: Strong Team and Smooth Processes!

  • We Use Smart &
    Easy Tools!

    We use tools, that cover all of the aspects of development. You and your managers will always be on track with our Redmine Project Management Tool and daily updates. Gitlab helps us to use continuous integration and provides all benefits of versioning tools - bug free code, scalable and transparent solution, easy to rich history of the project.

    Well organized and fully transparent development thanks to our Smart & Easy Tools.

  • We look into The
    Core of Your Business

    Usually just 30% of developed functionality used by business. Mostly because developers don't understand the core of the business. As a result: you have to change the way you work, to fit functionality. But it should be upside-down! Well-done solutions will save your time and money and will raise productivity and efficiency of your business.

    We help you to build solutions that will fit your company 100%!

  • We Endorse Our
    Team & Experience!

    Web development is fully dependable of team and experience! Whether you are searching a quick fix or a huge project completion - you will need a team of experienced guys, who are able to cover all necessary spheres of successful development process, starting from realistic estimation and solid architecture up to tight and congruent communication and feedback.

    Great experience, strong communicative skills and love for perfectionism - this is what we value, gather and provide!

  • Well Tuned Process
    Creates Unlimited Possibilities

    Even cool tools and highly experienced team can’t guarantee success, without coordination and clear roadmap. Web development is a complex process that has lot’s of bottlenecks. Requests are always changing, whilst result should be provided in fixed deadline! Our process can deal both with changing requests and lack of details!

    With us it is difficult to fale and easy to win!

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    Resource & Development

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    Smart & Easy Tools

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    Core of your business

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    Team & Experience

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    Smooth process!

It's all about Responsiveness & Feedback !

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    We do magento customizations since 2008! It is leading ecommerce platform, not an easy for developer, but perfect for business owner!
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    Do you feel lack of resources and need help with Magento? We take over the projects all over the world: USA, Germany, Australia, Russia!
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    Mobile phone can make your business easier and faster. We provide logistics, inventory, import and other apps for your store!

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Magento stores - are one of the most difficult projects to develop and maintain throughout time. That is why it is very important to have professionals. And with us, you can be sure you always get:

  • Maintenance and support
  • Clear code
  • Docs for all features
  • Scalable solution
  • Easy to use features
  • Performance optimized code
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