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Golfdiscount came to Mobecls in 2015. At first they wanted us just to migrate reviews from PowerRevies to Yotpo. When we were working with the website, we quickly realized that there were a lot of things to optimize and improve. By that time, Magento 2 was released and it was a great opportunity for GolfDiscount to take their business to the next level.

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We offered them to migrate their website from Ruby on Rails to a more dedicated eCommerce platform that could meet their business needs and specifics. That’s the time our cooperation started.

We’ve been working with GolfDiscount since 2015. From that moment on, we completed more than 4000 tasks of varying difficulty and length starting from Magento updates to developing complex custom functionality. In this case studies, we want to share some of our tasks on business automation.

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Client Profile

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Name GolfDiscount CaseStudies



Project-Length GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Project Length

2015 – ongoing

Industry GolfDiscount CaseStudies


Golf equipment retailer

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Business Size


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Product Catalog


Projects-Goal GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Project’s Goal

Business automation, support & maintenance

Custom Functionality Development

FedEx Return Label Widget

The client faced a big number of сustomer complaints due to the long and clunky return process on the website. Due to the enormous product catalog, store managers were spending a lot of time on managing returns manually. Our team was asked to develop a solution that could automate the return process to decrease the workload of store managers and boost user experience.

FedEx-Return GolfDiscount CaseStudies


Fedex-Solution GolfDiscount CaseStudies

We developed a smart solution that facilitates the return process for customers and liberates store managers from exhausting manual work and phone calls. Whenever a customer wants to return a product, they need only to enter the order number and shipping details, click the button and get a return label. This way they don’t need to reach out to store managers and delivery services to complete the return.

Our solution introduces a 3-step return process for customers:

Fedex-step1 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Step 1

A customer goes to the return management page, enters the order number and shipping details, chooses a reason for the return.

Fedex-step-2 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Step 2

When the data is completed, the customer clicks the button and sends this data to the delivery service.

Fedex-step-3 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Step 3

A delivery service processes the return information and sends back the return label.

Moreover, we added extra reasons for returns to boost user experience:

  • Return for Refund/Credit
  • Return for Exchange
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Return
Fedex-extra GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Promo Restrictions

Promo-Restriction-1 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

The client often runs special promotions where they sell branded goods like Nike with 60 % + discount. According to the terms of these promotions our client can’t sell more than 2 promotion items to one person.

Promo-Restriction-2 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

In order not to violate the partnership terms, our team was asked
to develop a solution that limits a group of products for purchase
by one client in a day.

The challenge was that we couldn’t use default Magento shopping cart rules due to these factors:

Usually, there’s a group of promo items, not just one;
Customers could get round the basic shopping cart rules by making two separate orders.

Challenge-Promo GolfDiscount CaseStudies


We developed a module that allows the client to create special shopping cart rules for a specific group of promo items. When creating a specific rule for sales, a store admin should specify the SKU that belongs to the restriction group and indicate the number of goods that can be purchased from this group.

Development_fixed GolfDiscount CaseStudies
check-user GolfDiscount CaseStudies

As one customer is allowed to buy promo items once a day, we also added a mechanism to check the number of purchases made by a certain customer. For example, if the user is logged in, the module checks all their orders for the last 24 hours. In case when the user isn’t logged in, the module checks if their shipping address was used more than once during 24 hours

When the customer fails to meet at least one of these rules, the module doesn’t allow the customer to check out.

module-Promo-Restrictions GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Custom Thank You Page Development and Design

The main intent of having a Thank You page might seem obvious to you – showing your gratitude and appreciation, and confirming the order. However, it goes way beyond it. A Thank You page is a critical point that not only ensures you retain existing customers who buy from you, but also helps you win over new potential customers. The overall composition of a Thank You page ultimately increases sales, as well as creates growth and engagement for your Ecommerce business.

TY-Page GolfDiscount CaseStudies
Design-TY-Page GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Our team was asked to develop and design a new Thank You page to boost brand loyalty, user experience and customer engagement. Moreover, we should pay attention not only to the best design practices but the logic of the page to correspond with the client’s business specifics.

The new Thank You Page is divided into 6 blocks:

1. Order Confirmation Message. The block notifies customers that their orders are submitted and calls to check the order details not to waste extra time on refunds in case of incorrect information. This way the client shows care about their clients, which boosts brand loyalty and increases trust. Moreover, the client leaves contact info for feedback in case of mistakes in order details. The text of the message can be changed in the admin panel.

typage-case1 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

2. Delivery Details. The block contains the order number, and delivery details (shipping and billing details, shipping and payment methods). In addition, the block contains a message that clients get tracking info via email. Providing ecommerce order tracking is now considered an essential service for every ecommerce company to offer. It reduces costs, meets customers expectations, and provides more control over fulfillment.

typage-case2 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

3. Promo Banners. The banners show customers the best-selling products and offer coupon codes in order to encourage customers to make an additional purchase.

typage-case3 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

4. Order Details, Order Processing, Delivery. The block contains order details (product image, SKY, quantity, color), order processing information and delivery timings. Here, we should develop a unique block logic to meet the client’s business specifics. There are three main types of products that our client sells:

  • Dropship items that are shipped directly from the supplier;
  • Custom items. These are custom golf clubs that need time to be manufactured and shipped by their suppliers;
  • Regular items shipped by the client.
typage-case4 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Our solution identifies these types of products and adds relevant shipping information according to the items in the shopping cart. Store admins can
set custom messages for each product type in the admin panel.

5. Order Confirmation Checkbox. When the customer checks the order details, they need to click the checkbox if everything is alright. When the order is confirmed by the client, store admins can see it in the order details:

typage-case5 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

6. Order Summary. The block contains the final price of the order, including order quantity, coupons, shipping, and taxes.

image-6 GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Avalara Troubleshooting and Customization

Golfdiscount uses an Avalara service for tax management. The bottom line is that when an order is placed, the tax is taken from this service, added to the order, and then after the order is placed, information about the order is sent to this service. Avalara collects tax reports itself and pays taxes for the client.

avalara-logo GolfDiscount CaseStudies
Avalara-Step1 GolfDiscount CaseStudies
Avalara-Step2 GolfDiscount CaseStudies
Avalara-Step3 GolfDiscount CaseStudies
Avalara-Step4 GolfDiscount CaseStudies


We noticed that numerous orders had duplicated Avalara tax transactions. When we dived into this problem, we found out that Magento was sending Avalara several tax reports due to invoice editing. Every time the client was editing an order, Magento 2 was creating a new invoice and deleting the old one but all the versions were still transferred to Avalara. For example, if the order was edited three times, Avalara was getting three tax transactions. It means the client was paying for nothing.

Avalara-Challenge GolfDiscount CaseStudies


We investigated the order editing process and the Avatax module logic. We found out that the module’s functionality does not provide any capabilities for canceling or deleting invoices. However, we found a place where this functionality could be implemented. The client was using the Order Editor extension to edit and delete Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo.
We customized the extension’s functionality and added a new status “VOID” for old and deleted Invoices. When the client is editing an order, a new invoice is created and the old one is voided in Avatax to avoid Tax charges for not actual invoices.

Development_fixed GolfDiscount CaseStudies

Media Gallery Improve and Page Speed Optimizer

Media-Gallery GolfDiscount CaseStudies

A few months after migrating to Magento 2, the client noticed that product images from the website didn’t appear on image search result pages.These pages drive traffic to an eCommerce store when users search for an exact product. That’s why it’s so vital to display product images on the search result pages.


We audited on-site image optimization and revealed several issues with the content of alt and title attributes. To solve this problem we’ve implemented
a smart solution that allows the client to add proper content (e.g., {Color} + {Product name}, or just {Product name}) to the attributes automatically. The module extracts this information from product file names and saves lots of time for store managers

approach GolfDiscount CaseStudies
Results GolfDiscount CaseStudies

The number of clicks significantly increased after on-site image optimization. The client’s website got more clicks and impressions. As visual elements are considered to be more effective than text, CTR also showed a positive dynamic.

Performance Stats

Total Clicks

12.14.20 – 01.14.20


01.15.20 – 02.15.20


Total Impressions

12.14.19 – 01.14.20


01.15.20 – 02.15.20


Average CTR

12.14.19 – 01.14.20


01.15.20 – 02.15.20


Average Position

12.14.19 – 01.14.20


01.15.20 – 02.15.20


Moreover, we developed a Page Speed Optimizer module to boost page speed loading by 10 %. The module transfers scripts from the head tag to the bottom of the page, thereby speeding up the display of content on the page. Moreover, the solution allows store owners to preload content that they will need later. The idea of preloading is to load the necessary styles in advance, and then instantly display them when necessary. In addition, Page Speed Optimizer allows you to disable certain elements from the source code of web pages like images, JS and CSS. This feature allows testing page load speed without a specific parameter to find out which element slows down the page load.

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