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Numerous Magento | Adobe Commerce merchants face the issue of missing orders. Customers place orders, payments are confirmed, both merchant and customer get order confirmation emails, but there is no order data or records in the admin area.

Missing orders is a serious problem that disrupts order number tracking. This issue negatively affects the order history and tracking. Without this data merchants can’t have insights into buying trends and patterns, best sellers, etc. Moreover, it complicates accounting operations and reduces the potential of cross and up-selling.

Negative Impacts of the Missing Orders Issue

  • Reduced user experience (customers can’t track their orders)
  • Accounting difficulties
  • Lack of marketing data (no insights into buying trends and patterns)
  • Order management issues


Missing Orders Extension

Missing Orders extension uses cron to find out and collect orders that are placed and confirmed but are not recorded in the admin backend.


  • Find Magento | Adobe Commerce missing orders
  • Create missing orders (only those which have “success status”)
  • Get email notifications with a list of created and missing orders, log error data and order details (client’s name, email, order number, quotes, phone number, time)
Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls