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Breadcrumbs are one of the navigation tools like a menu with a nested structure. This chain of links from the main page of the resource to the section where the user is at a particular moment in time. In computer operating systems, a similar navigation principle is used everywhere. For example, to get to the desired file, we go through the route: “computer – disk – folder 1 – folder 2 – document”. Breadcrumbs on the site are displayed at the top of the page and work in a similar way.

Why do you need breadcrumbs when there is a go-back button in the same browser? Pressed several times and done. In the principles of usability: the faster the user gets to the page he needs, the better user experience. It is more convenient to click on a link in breadcrumbs, rather than to move backward.

Magento breadcrumbs play a crucial role in SEO Optimization nowadays. Customizing Breadcrumbs not only helps to deliver a better user experience but also improves SEO performance and creates greater sales from visitors. In this article, we will tell you about types of breadcrumbs and their benefits. 

Breadcrumbs Types


They are created as a result of transitions between pages of different formats. As an example, consider the website of an online store. The chain can be as follows: 

Main page → Section # 1 → product card. 

You can go to the same place on the site in different ways. For example, starting from the main page, but through Section # 2.


These types of breadcrumbs are more common. They look like this: 

Home → Section → Category → Product card.


They are used if the pages are very deeply nested. The chain uses the current page, adjacent and main pages.


They are considered the most convenient to use. The site header contains several sections. When you hover the mouse cursor over each of them, an individual menu with many subsections will open.


It implies the presence of an active “Back” button on the site. At the same time, the site uses linear navigation. This option is good because the user is given the right to choose.

Why Breadcrumbs Are Important 

In addition to helping users navigate sections quickly, duplicate navigation affects usability and SEO characteristics:

  • Shows the structure of the web resource to the user and search robots.
  • Indicates to the visitor which section he is in. The clearer the page layout means the higher the user engagement and loyalty. For an online store, this means an increase in traffic and sales.
  • This navigation and a kind of linking, which naturally improves behavioral indicators: depth of viewing, page visits, session time, and others.
  • Breadcrumbs on a site with Structured Data Markup help to optimize the appearance of a snippet in search results. As a result, your post looks neat, readable, and attractive to potential customers.


Breadcrumbs Benefits 

Single Pages and Landing Pages do not use breadcrumbs due to their simple internal hierarchy. For information and news portals, corporate offices, online stores, the navigation chain should be by definition. Here are the main advantages of this position:

  • Optimization of the internal hierarchy. With the help of duplicate navigation, all pages are linked into a single structure. It helps to organically build link mass without the risk of PS filters.
  • Breadcrumbs are highly regarded by search engines. They complement the functionality of the sitemaps and robots.txt maps.
  • Naturally, increase the click-through rate of banners and advertising links due to their link to the URL in the search results.
  • Improve behavioral metrics when scored by search engines. Thus, simple breadcrumbs on a website become a powerful SEO advantage.
  • Convenience. Online shoppers are not much different from offline store visitors. They also love self-care and attention. Convenient navigation is the golden key to clients.


Breadcrumbs Helpful Hints

  • The very last link in the navigation chain must be non-clickable. The cyclical link that occurs in this case has an extremely negative effect on the website’s advancement in the search results.
  • Breadcrumbs should be visible to site visitors and stand out from other objects. The most optimal place for them is directly under the header.
  • It is highly undesirable to place key phrases in text anchors. Search engines may regard this as overspam.
  • To make breadcrumbs more visible in search results, you should add emoji to them. They will help to win over visitors. Search engines react neutral to emoji.
  • It is not recommended to replace the main menu with bread crumbs.
  • If the same product is presented in different sections of the site, the most appropriate option would be to use dynamic breadcrumbs or their hybrid format.

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