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On January 28, Magento was updated to 2.3.4. What’s new did this version bring merchants? It’s safe to say that it’s all about creating a better customer experience. Magento improved the existing tools for creating an engaging experience for customers and added new ones. Let’s go straight to Magento 2.3.4!

Adobe Stock Integration

This feature won’t become a new Magento selling point but it’s hard to deny that it’ll facilitate creative processes. Not every business have an opportunity to produce their own media content like pics and photos. That’s why everyone uses stocks. You should agree that it takes a lot of time to find a good stock picture, upload, and embed it.

Fortunately, Magento has integrated Adobe Stock to Magento. In Magento 2.3.4 you can search, preview, purchase, and embed high-quality pictures to your website directly from your admin panel by clicking “Search Adobe Stock”. Moreover, admins can preview watermarked images inside the admin panel before licensing a photo.

This integration requires Magento 2.3.4 at least, an Adobe account, and a paid Adobe Stock plan. The stock comprises millions of premium images and videos that will help store owners to create more professional and appealing websites.

Page Builder Improvements

Great news for Magento Commerce users as now they have full control of over product merchandising in Page Builder. In Magento 2.3.4, merchants can sort products in Page Builder by:

  • Product position in the category ​or list of product SKUs;
  • Various predefined parameters (name, price, stock status, etc.)

Furthermore, there were added new capabilities for showcasing products: use static product grids to highlight all products in ones; or an image carousel that feature matched products in rotating slides.

However, the most important innovation for Page Builder is compatibility with PWA Studio. In addition, all content created in Page Builder can be rendered in PWA Studio’s Venia reference storefront. Your marketing team rejoices as the creation of rich content becomes much easier. Any content created in Page Builder will be stored in a format retrieved by PWA Studio.

A Live Chat by Dotdigital

It’s time to stop hesitating about chat implementation as it’s included in bundled Dotdigital extension. This chat is available for all Magento merchants, both for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source.

The chat agent can support multiple conversations, send and receive files like tickets, product images, etc. The free version offers only one agent, so you can try this feature out before committing. Moreover, it’s possible to use it for upselling as it can recommend products that are similar to the previous purchases.

Other Updates
  • PWA Studio 5.0.0 Release Notes. Besides compatibility with Page Builder, Magento introduced some new tools and changes.
  • GraphQL Release Notes
  • Improved Performance. The storefront performance was improved by minimizing requests to the server.
  • was deprecated to follow the EU’s PSD2 regulation. The official payment integration is available on Magento Marketplace.
  • Security Upgrades. Magento introduced several security bug fixes and updates for the platform’s components to comply with PCI. Learn more about security changes in Security Bulletins.


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Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

Partnership Manager at Mobecls who is really passionate about eCommerce and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and products.