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Numerous brands use animals as their logos. “Abercrombie & Fitch” has an elk, “Ferrari” — horse, “Twitter” — bird. Even though the history of using a particular animal logo is bizarre or romantic, none of these brands help their “real-life mascots”.

Online clothing store Ivory Ella, which has an elephant on their logo, has already donated more than $1 million for the organization “Save the elephants” since 2015. This Kenyan conservation organization is working to prevent poaching and illegal ivory trafficking.

The brand’s founders set aside 10% of the net profit of the corporation to help elephants. According to Joe Allen, co-founder of the company, they saw a global protest against animal bullying and extermination. People are just obsessed with this idea and crazy about these wonderful creatures.

As a result, they gave the world not only stylish clothes but clothes that would make the world a little bit better.

Social Networks As The Main Weapon

In summer 2015, the clothing business Ivory Ella powerfully hyped. The reason was that its co-founders had great experience working with social networks.

Its founders used a target group of 30,000 users to launch the brand. They were teasing customers with Facebook photos of their products and e-mails. Gifts were also one of the main promotion tactics.   

Their goal was to create a positive sense of warmth in consumers’ hearts while they were interacting with the brand. The team was enhancing customer experience through social networks. They began to sell not just products, but also the feelings that haunt every purchase. That was followed by Twitter advertising campaigns hashtagged #ivoryella. 

The launch of Ivory Ella brand coincided with the American Country Music Awards. Nevertheless, the brand defeated the popular show in the hashtag battle. Mr. Fiano, one of the brand’s founders, said that they have been growing steadily since the launch of their online store.

Ivory Ella is very actively interacting with its subscribers on social networks, which is very important in the dynamic fashion industry. They quickly determine the upcoming fashion trends on social networks and embody them in their products.

Social networks are actively used to attract traffic to the online store. Regular promos with valuable prizes help to increase customers’ loyalty.


Soon after the launch, the company moved from a basement into a room of 800 square feet. Then it opened several stores of 3,000 square ft. In the same year, the headquarters moved to Rhode Island to an area of 32,000 square feet. In just a couple of years after the launch, Ivory Ella shipping grew from 100 packages a day to several tens of thousands. 

Exponential growth allowed to expand funding for charitable initiatives. Ivory Ella often offers various limited promotions. They have great success because exclusive products are usually sold out within a few hours.

The company wants to position its products like clothing for all seasons and climatic zones. Ivory Ella brand specialists are actively working with dozens of colleges throughout the country to increase brand loyalty among young people.

Email Marketing

The company effectively uses emails to communicate with customers. Ivory Ella marketing specialists create very flexible offers with stylish designs and personalized selections. They are also working with web development companies to create landing pages that simplify purchasing through emails.

Thousands of loyal customers are eagerly waiting for the weekly newsletter with discount coupons.

Perhaps, someone thinks that email marketing is dead. It’s not true. Moreover, emails can be an effective communication and sales channel. That is not about intrusive advertising. That is about creative, colorful and personalized offers.

The company almost doesn’t spend money on contextual ads, focusing on newsletters and social networks. The right approach will make this strategy work. The company is not a startup anymore, nevertheless, it continues to follow this tactic. Moreover, the brand is constantly optimizing and improving it. 

Mobile-Friendly Website

Millennials and Generation Z are the main Ivory Ella customers. That’s why half of all sales is made via mobile devices. Therefore, a lot of time is devoted to developing a convenient design, choosing fonts and markup. Another important point is a large number of easy calls to action.

Influencer Marketing

The brand tries to be as trendy as possible. Their business presentations are full of visual effects, vivid images, and exciting music. Besides, the company actively cooperates with many well-known young bloggers, because most of the buyers are teenagers. It’s hard to find companies like Ivory Ella who have such an advanced  SMM level.

Bloggers have a significant impact on the audience. That’s why lots of companies are closely working with popular influencers. It helps to promote the brand, make direct sales, increase organic traffic. Major world brands don’t avoid the opportunity to work with leading American bloggers. That applies to Instagram and YouTube celebrities.

Wrapping Out

Ivory Ella is an example of an explosive startup that was launched like a space shuttle. The brand exists since 2015 and during this time has managed to turn into a unicorn business. The number of daily shipments is growing every week. The company is very actively using modern marketing channels to communicate with their target audience – social networks, email, various organizations, and bloggers.

Their brand awareness grows at a very fast pace. Besides, Ivory Ella has a unique message for each customer – buy a T-shirt and save the elephant. It’s a win-win strategy to play on the feelings of caring people. But at the same time, they also manage to offer a high-quality product that is distinguished by modern design and convenience. 

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