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Once you’ve launched your Magento website, you need to do whatever is necessary to ensure that it is always available to all visitors. If your potential buyers cannot access your online store or have troubles doing it, you lose sales and credibility. This is the reason why you need to health check your Magento store regularly.  There are several ways to find out if your online store runs smoothly, some of which we’ll cover below.

Aspects to include in eCommerce Health Check

Stability and Technical Errors

Technical errors made during the development or administration of the site impact user experience, website performance, internal operation management, and other essential aspects of your online store. You must regularly check your website for code compatibility issues, dead internal and external links, redirect loops, heavy images, certificate and JavaScript errors, etc. If you want to drive more traffic and make more sales, your online store should be stable. Short-term interruptions, downtime, bugs, non-clickable buttons, and other technical issues lead to immediate monetary losses.  

Page Speed and Load Time

The speed of work is one of the key indicators of the Magento website. Positions in search results and sales conversion depend on it. You should control the performance using specialized services and take measures to speed up page loading. A fast, user-friendly website is a generous source of sales. Page loading speed is a competitive weapon and the basis for success on the Internet. It is important to strive to improve this parameter and be sure to control it using available means. Working on the Internet is surfing. A person easily goes from page to page, from site to site. In a short period of time, dozens of clicks, transitions, and page views are made. Users are limited in time, they always have no time. Being in a hurry makes clients discover new corners of the endless Internet space.

UX Evaluation

To health check your website properly, you should pay attention to the analysis of responsiveness, readability, accessibility, design alignment, tone of voice, call-to-action priorities, design coherence on the site, and design coherence with the brand. There are many websites offering the same products or services, and customers often choose one that is user-friendly. A well-designed user interface can boost conversion rates by up to 400%, according to relevant research. Optimizing the usability and accessibility of a website has been proven to have an incredible impact on customer satisfaction. A well-planned user experience can increase the desire of visitors and reduce their reluctance to buy your products or services. Therefore, partnering with a professional UX design agency is very important to grow your business with higher conversion rates.

SEO Audit

SEO audit is a comprehensive assessment of characteristics that affect the indexing of a Magento website, its position in search engines, and customer traffic. In other words, the audit assesses how ready the site is for promotion, and whether the resources available for promotion are used effectively. On the one hand, the purpose of the analysis is to get a general idea of the state of affairs, on the other, to identify white spots, “forgotten” places. You can put a lot of effort into developing a resource by focusing on one activity and completely forgetting about the rest. Every health check phase, you should ask yourself questions like “Are hygiene factors like meta descriptions and canonical links in place?” or “Has the content been optimized for your customers’ most common search phrases?”

eCommerce KPI

If you want to get the constant flow of visitors to your Magento website, it is important to monitor the website traffic regularly. The site dynamics, sources of visits, search phrases, all this should be checked. In the dynamics of traffic, you analyze and find explanations for sharp surges and falls, look for patterns (seasonality of demand, days and hours with the highest and lowest traffic). This will allow the site to adapt to high seasons, prepare for a heavy load, or conclude that advertising costs are increasing. Data about the sources of visits (search engines, social networks, direct visits, clicks on advertisements, or on links on sites) give an understanding of where visitors come to the site. Knowing this, it is possible to adapt the site to the expectations of the users. The set of search phrases by which the site is found by users most often contains the name of the company. But the most valuable for business are general requests for which the site comes from search – as a rule, this is the very target audience that is not yet familiar with your brand, but is looking for a product or service right now.

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Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

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