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Google Shopping is a service designed to advertise online stores. Thanks to it, users can easily find products and compare prices without going to the advertiser’s website. This is an analog of a price aggregator that demonstrates a selection of products from different sites at the request of a potential buyer.

Buyers generally want a response to their needs as quickly as possible. They often google products from mobile devices, so it is inconvenient for them to open many sites. Google shopping provides customers with the most important information on the first screen: product photo, name, and price. You can also add product ratings based on ratings.

The service works according to the following principle:

  • You create an account in the Google Merchant Center;
  • Link it to your Google Ads account;
  • Upload product feeds to Merchant – data is automatically loaded from them for compiling ads;
  • the user sees ads for products on Google in accordance with his request.

Google Shopping Integration with Magento Stores

Google Shopping integration with Magento gives a simple method for transferring items from the Magento store to Google Shopping. Showing item advertisements on the output is one way of getting a large number of guests to your site. Google Shopping permits online merchants to show their items on the Google search results page. Controlled by AdWords and Google Merchant Center, it allows clients to look for items on web-based shopping sites and analyze costs from various sellers.

The Google Shopping Magento integration modules consequently matches up the Magento store and takes care of the Google Merchant Center record. Likewise, the store admin can synchronize the item status with the store data set by running cron in the back-finish of the Google Shopping Magento feed sync module.

Reasons to Integrate Google Shopping with Your Magento Stores

  • A new income channel, numerous merchants are currently involving Google Shopping as a mainline of URL revenue
  • Assist you with outclassing competitors by altering your titles and descriptions, creating new unique content for SEO gains
  • The integration brags progressed highlights including live information takes care of that update consistently
  • Empowers the customer direct access to the item, eradicating the necessity to explore through another site
  • Sends out a very much organized XML Feed of your total list from your Magento venue to your Google Merchant Account

Who Benefits from Google Shopping Integration the Most

  • Retailers from competitive niches where the cost per click is high. The client immediately sees the price of the product and will not click on the ad if it does not suit them.
  • Shops with a wide range of products. Google shopping helps visually present the product line and show the richness of choice. Two or three of your ads can get into the search results at once. It increases the likelihood that the buyer will purchase the product from you.
  • Companies that sell goods for which low prices are important to customers in the first place. For example, TVs and phones of specific models, gadgets of famous brands.
Bottom Line

Google Shopping is a tool that helps retailers reach more customers. A potential buyer immediately sees a selection of offers from different stores with a price and a photo. This simplifies the selection process and gives a visual representation of the product. Shopping campaigns are most suitable for retailers with a wide range of products, sellers of appliances and gadgets, stores from competitive niches. Launching shopping ads consists of several stages: preparing the site to comply with Google requirements, creating an account in the Google Merchant Center and linking it to Google AdWords, creating a feed, setting up a campaign, creating an ad group. It takes time to prepare the feed, but then the data in the ad is updated automatically. Customers see only up-to-date price and availability information, and this increases brand loyalty.

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Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

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