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How to win clients in today’s fast-paced eCommerce world? Customers become more and more demanding. For example, a customer visits your store and wants to purchase three items. You’ve got only two of them in your warehouse. Surely, the shopper will look for a merchant who can sell all of the items, not part of them. Flexibility and variety rule the market!

Dropshipping is a cheap and cheerful way to win clients. It’s a tool that will help you to enrich your assortment to satisfy your customers’ needs. You don’t need to store goods on hands as you work with wholesalers and manufacturers, who fulfill orders and ship them to your clients.

You don’t need a warehouse and opening capital as you work directly with the suppliers who already have goods on hands. It solves the problem of poor range of products. Dropshipping releases you from pains like packaging and shipping. All the work is done by your suppliers. You don’t even need an office. You can work from a coffee shop, home or anywhere. The only thing you need is a laptop and a good Internet connection.

Of course dropshipping isn’t so perfect like it may seem to be. One of the main cons of dropshipping is difficult order processing. For example, you sell sports inventory of 50 different brands. Each of them has own shipping solution and processing, billing. You have to adapt to every supplier and manufacturer you collaborate

Solving Difficult Order Processing. Integrating CRUX Into Magento 2 Store 

One of our clients sells golf inventory starting from golf clubs and balls to various accessories. They collaborate with more than 100 manufactures to provide their customers with the greatest range of choice among products.

That’s where the problem of order processing occurs. You have to adapt to every manufacturer. You just have nothing to do with it if you want to win the competition race.

A dozen of our client’s manufactures were using CRUX Connect to manage dropshipping. The admin of the site had to send items of these certain brands to CRUX manually. There’s no problem to do it this way if your business is small but our client has more than 80.000 stock keep units. It makes a big difference.

That’s why we were asked to develop a module that would do it automatically. In a word, this module searches branded items among 80.000 SKUs and send them to CRUX.

Module’s operation algorithm:

Case 1: Order contains 1 item that should be sent to CRUX — the module sends it to CRUX automatically and creates a CRUX shipment number.

Case 2: Order contains 2 items that should be sent to CRUX. They are of different brands but both integrated into CRUX platform — the module sends them automatically and creates a CRUX shipment number for each of them.

Case 3: Order shouldn’t be sent to CRUX — processed as usual.

Case 4: Order contains 2 items. One of them is in CRUX, another one is not — the module sends the first one and creates a CRUX shipment number, the second one is processed as usual.

Forget about routine manual order processing. This module will do it automatically. It doesn’t matter what dropshipping solution do your manufactures or wholesalers use. We can develop such a module according to your business case.

Vladimir Repalo

Vladimir Repalo

Magento Developer at Mobecls, 8+ years of experience. Feel free to ask me anything about this post in the comments below.