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SMS notifications help to build stronger relationships with customers, showing them your personal approach. Sending text messages directly to the clients is one of the best ways to inform them about various events in your store as price and store updates. Direct messages have a better response rate and low risks of going to a spam box. Moreover, SMS service provider integration to your Magento store allows instantly notifying clients about their order status and other updates. Today, we’ll look closer at the benefits of using text messages in eCommerce and some great SMS notification modules for Magento 2.

Why SMS Notifications?

SMSs Don’t Need an Internet Connection.  Using email order delivery notifications is habitual in eCommerce, but there may be cases of having internet connection issues on the customer’s side. For example, not all of your customers may be city dwellers. Some rural areas still have bad 3G or 4G connections. In this case, SMS notifications serve to satisfy a specific group of customers that live in small or distant cities.

No Spam Box. One of the main problems of sending email notifications to customers is that they go to spam too often. Moreover, you should agree that all of us are lazy sometimes to open and check numerous emails. SMS eliminates this issue as you send it directly to the customer’s phone, bypassing the spam box. You may be 100 % sure that your client will open it.

Better Response Rate. As you send text messages directly to the customer’s and store manager’s phones, they faster find out the info about their orders or critical website issues. There are no accurate statistics on how often people check their mailboxes. Some people may do it five times a day, the others — twenty times a day. A direct message to a phone increases the speed of checking it without any internet connection.

Best SMS Notification Extensions for Magento 2

The next extensions will provide you with both standard and advanced SMS notification functionality.

SMS Notification for Magento 2 by Mageplaza 

It’s a solid module that provides store owners with the possibility to send SMS notifications informing customers about order/sales documents creation & other activities as sharing, subscription, etc.  Store managers receive updates on store activities and website errors.

Additional features:

  • Currency updates;
  • Phone number verification;
  • SMS testing functionality;
  • Customizable SMS content.

MageDelight SMS Notification Magento 2 

MageDelight SMS Notification supports the two most-used SMS service providers, which are Twillio and BulkSMS. It gives you extended possibilities to send text messages to your customers and store managers.

You can configure set any of the next events to trigger SMS notifications:

  • New order placement;
  • Submission of a contact form;
  • Cancellation of order by admin;
  • Invoice issues;
  • Generation of credit memo;
  • Shipment of order;
  • Shipment tracking;
  • Order delivery.

As for notifications for admins, you can notify them about:

  • Newly registered customers;
  • Order placement;
  • Submission of contact forms, etc.

The solution also allows creating custom templates by adding variables (first and last name, order item, order amount, etc.) to them and using them for messages sent on each order status update.

Magento 2 SMS Notification by Meetanshi 

One more nice solution that provides solid SMS notification functionality:

  • Supports numerous SMS service providers;
  • Sending updates to customers and admins about activities like order placement, cancellation, invoice generation, etc;
  • SMS texts customization possibilities (variables like order_id, first_name, etc.);
  • Using default Magento registration and guest checkout form for collecting mobile numbers of customers to send them SMS notifications.

Moreover, the developing company plans to add the next features in the nearest future:

  • Low stock SMS alerts for admins;
  • SMS notifications to collect customer reviews;
  • Preview checking for SMS notifications;
  • SMS export;
  • SMS log management

Meetanshi also offers lifetime free updates and supports.

Magento 2 SMS Notification by MageComp 

Magecomp offers a free, basic, and pro version of its module.

The Free version provides only the integrated SMS Gateway API with a supported service provider (BulkSMS, Twillio), and the possibility to send order and shipment placement notification.

The Basic version has standard functionality:

  • SMS gateway API supported;
  • Set custom messages for different store events;
  • Dynamic variable fields for text messages;
  • Admin can add a mobile number to get notified of each store updates;
  • OTP at registration and OTP before checkout;
  • Cancel order SMS;
  • Shipment tracking variables.

The Pro version provides the next advanced functionality:

  • Any SMS API Service Provider;
  • 20+ SMS notification Events with dynamic variables;
  • Send bulk SMS, resend option, and custom order comments SMS
  • Customer registration verification and customer order verification by OTP
  • Enabled order verification on payment methods and customer groups.
  • Enable cash on delivery verification.

Ways to Use SMS Notifications

Inform about New Order and Billing Info

Mobile messages help customers and store staff keep updated with order status and billing documents faster and easier. Customers receive phone notifications right after placing an order that includes order status, invoices, shipments, and other billing documents. It helps to build trust between you and your clients. Moreover, order notifications save time for your managers as clients don’t need to call them to find out if their orders were placed.

On the other side, you can send store admins the total of new orders, created credit memos, and other data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Send Stock and Price Updates

Stock and price status are what concerns numerous customers who are interested in your products. You can instantly notify customers about any changes in product prices or when your products are back to stock. These notifications will motivate your sales and increase brand loyalty. Your customers will appreciate getting these regular text messages.

Notify Store Admins about Site Errors Instantly

Sending an SMS notifying about critical website mistakes is a fast and reliable way to alert store managers about these issues. As I said before, text messages don’t need an internet connection and have a higher response rate comparing them to emails. It helps to solve any website issue (e.g., errors of cron, sitemap, etc.) timely and proactively.

Order Verification

SMS notifications prevent fake orders by verifying each order at the checkout page. With the help of extensions, you can send a one-time-password (OTP) on the registered mobile number to verify the order. This way, you’ll prevent fake orders, enhance your order management system, improve security, and gain customers’ trust!

Send SMS to Inform about Account Registration

Notify both customers and store managers about account registration. Send new customers confirmation and welcome messages. On the other side, you can notify the admins about the new accounts on a frequent basis for better reporting and analysis.

Boost Customers’ Sharing and Subscribing Activity

Inform customers about their social actions like wish list sharing or newsletter subscribing not only via emails but also via SMS. It’s a great way to expand your client base and increase sales.


iconka Top SMS-Notification Modules for Magento 2 to Speed Up Product Management

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