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A POS, or point of sale, is any location where your clients may buy your items, from online shop checkout pages to store cashier counters. Integrating several POSs into an omnichannel sales system provides a faster and better checkout experience both for customers and business owners. 

POS system is obligatory if you have both an online and physical business. This post will go through all the finest POS solutions for eCommerce stores, their benefits and drawbacks.

Best POS systems for Magento 2

Here’re crucial factors to consider choosing a POS system for your business. 

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Fast checkout
  • Various payment options
  • Employee management
  • Customer profiling
  • POS hardware

Magento POS by ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS is a prominent provider of cloud-based POS systems for multichannel merchants. ConnectPOS has powered over 1000 enterprises worldwide because of its extensive features and cutting-edge technological connections.

ConnectPOS’s Magento POS makes it simple to manage several locations directly from the POS interface. It guarantees real-time synchronization, which will help you not to miss updates from your eCommerce site, physical stores, or inventory. It updates orders, customer information, taxation, prices, and discount restrictions. 

ConnectPOS’s flexibility with numerous devices distinguishes it from other POS systems. The solution works on PCs (Windows and macOS) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Furthermore, by utilizing a cloud solution, ConnectPOS provides endless customization. ConnectPOS can provide tailor-made solutions for your local market based on your requirements.

In addition, ConnectPOS incorporates future technologies into its POS systems, such as AI Facial Recognition, a PWA consumer app, and an interactive second screen. These features deliver a seamless omnichannel experience for customers, reducing staff effort.

ConnectPOS offers 24/7 customer support from their professional team to maintain and improve your seamless performance.

Highlight features:

  • 24-hour assistance
  • Synchronization occurs automatically.
  • Manage stocks from all warehouses in one spot, get real-time stock updates, and conveniently stocktake.
  • Create quotes for large-volume purchases.
  • Easy tax management on and offline for easy foreign payments
  • Custom goods that are not in stock, such as gift bags, should be included.
  • Offline method of operation
  • Payment options include shop credits, gift cards, layaway, refunds, and exchanges, as well as multi-method payment, barcodes, self-checkout, and click and collect.
  • Backorders and pre-orders are available.
  • Work with Magento’s loyalty program as well as AheadWorks and Amasty’s customer retention plugins.

Pricing: ConnectPOS provides simple and straightforward pricing plans. No hidden fees for third-party integrations. 14-days free trial available.

Annually payment plan:

  • Standard plan: $39 per device/month
  • Advanced plan: $69 per device/month
  • Premium plan: $89 per device/month

Monthly payment plan:

  • Standard plan: $49 per device/month
  • Advanced plan: $79 per device/month
  • Premium plan: $99 per device/month

Magento 2 POS system by Amasty

Amasty’s POS System for Magento 2 ensures that all company operations (offline and online) are seamlessly linked and processed. There is no more frustrating shopping experience than coming to a physical store and finding out that items you see online are out of stock offline.

Amasty’s POS system overcomes this issue by syncing all crucial information about items, orders, and customers between your online and offline businesses. Using barcodes or product features, you may verify the availability of products in real-time. POS system for Magento 2 is a proven way to boost the checkout experience and customer satisfaction.

Highlight features:

  • Orders and merchandise from all stores may be controlled and synchronized in real-time.
  • Establish spokespeople and points of view for each store.
  • Display labels that are low on stock or out of stock.
  • During checkout, you may easily establish a new customer account or discover an existing one.
  • Add your own items.
  • Easily explore goods by SKU number or barcode.
  • Use discounts
  • Individual sales representative reports
  • Allow for cash and card payments to be divided.


  • $299 for the first year. $185 for the upcoming year.

Magento POS system by Magestore

Magestore has expanded all of Magento’s sophisticated capabilities to its POS over ten years, assisting merchants worldwide in providing an unbroken shopping experience from online to offline.

Magestore’s solution is compatible with Magento latest updates, including PWA, GraphQL, Elasticsearch, Magento 2.3, or Magento 2.4. Furthermore, Magestore POS is the first to include PWA into POS for a quick and dependable user experience. You only need a URL and a browser to grasp this app-like POS without having to download or install anything. Magestore POS keeps your everyday operations work smoothly due to its high performance and user-friendly interface.

Magento merchants may tailor their solutions to their specific needs and grow their businesses without incurring additional fees.

Highlight features:

  • Data synchronization in real-time
  • Magento’s newest versions and upgrades are very compatible. Integrates well with other Magento extensions.
  • Mode of payment: offline
  • Apply Magento promotions, award points, gift cards, and shop credits to your loyalty program.
  • Payment methods include cash, check, credit card, and shop credit.
  • Make use of Magento’s discount code and coupon, as well as partial payment, reward points, and gift cards.
  • Report for each working shift, as well as a daily report
  • Order out-of-stock SKUs and have them delivered to your consumers later.

Pricing: custom pricing based on the number of stores, business requirements, and level of support.


Need Help to Integrate a POS system into your eCommerce store? 

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