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Customers love brands that they listen to them, understand them, and pay attention to their specific wants and needs. That’s where personalization comes in. Collecting, analyzing, and effectively using information about consumer demographics, interests, and behaviors will help you create campaigns, content, and experiences that resonate with your target audience

Benefits of Personalization for Magento Websites

Personalization provides an individual approach to the buyer, evoking a feeling of personal communication. In turn, the lack of personalization is the risk of making an offer that will not interest the buyer.

It has become much easier to deliver a personalized experience to your customers lately. Customer experience and personalization tools, software, and applications have changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Many web personalization tools have made customization easy for platforms like Magento. There was a time when marketers had to manually segment and label customers, now that has changed.

Top Personalization Solutions for Magento Stores

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield  solves the problem of segmenting the audience of online store visitors and personalizing content on the site in real-time. It enforces Magento 2 website with the latest personalization technologies. Dynamic Yield lets you personalize every shopper’s interaction across the entire customer journey, delivering individual experiences across web, mobile, email, and ads. The system works in the following directions:

  • Static Content. You can dynamically change static content on your website (banners, CTA buttons, promotional areas, and more), replacing it with a set of personalized experiences.
  • Page Layout. Dynamic Yield enables real-time page layout changes according to the preferences of your clients. The system can rearrange a page grid, menu items, and categories automatically.
  • Product Carousels. Of course, the most prominent Magento 2 personalization tool is supported. The system lets you leverage product carousels to deliver a unique customer journey to every buyer. You can also leverage other similar page elements, including multi-item banners.
  • Triggers. You can set triggers to launch event-based personalized messages on your Magento 2 website and across different channels.
  • Consistent Experience. Dynamic Yield allows personalizing not just individual touchpoints, but the entire customer journey. The system collects data across independent channels, creating one cohesive experience.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is the leading business personalization tool powered by Google Analytics. It is a website personalization tool that lets you run A / B tests to determine what works on your website, blog, or online store. With its free version, you can run multiple statistical tests and experiments. You can switch to Optimize 360, an updated version suitable for large enterprises and enterprises that require sophisticated testing tools.

Key features:

  • A / B and multivariate testing
  • Experimentation
  • Understanding audience and analytics
  • URL targeting
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Geo-targeting

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is a robust tool that streamlines AI and machine learning to deliver top-notch services and advanced personalization to Magento 2. Below, we shed light on the mechanisms that are already built into our e-commerce platform, as well as ones that might be added soon.

Adobe announced a robust product roadmap to augment Magento 2 Commerce. It was planned to add enterprise-grade capabilities to empower merchants to deliver superior shopping experiences. Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei became one of the new features. With artificial intelligence and machine learning under the hood, this tool enables brands to leverage customer information to deliver personalized experiences based on real-time relevance.

According to Adobe, well-tailored product recommendations in retail can increase sales by up to 30 percent. When it comes to multi-brand marketplaces, this number is even higher. The Magento 2 product recommendations feature helps to achieve this goal due to the following benefits:

  • Instantaneous data collection;
  • Immediate shopper behavior analysis;
  • Personalized product recommendations;
  • Product recommendations on relevant store pages;
  • Global exclusion categories based on inventory or pricing levels;
  • Flexible product recommendations widgets.


Nosto is a software that will allow you to personalize the entire purchasing journey of your Magento store. It creates personalized Facebook ads, personalized product recommendations, pop-ups, and sends personalized messages to your customers. Nosto allows you to analyze the behavior of your customers by studying their preferences. The system allows you to make automated, personalized recommendations in real-time. Satisfied customers who will buy more are waiting for you. Using Nosto, you only pay for sales: 

  • No setup fees; 
  • Lack of fixed payments; 
  • Lack of contracts. 
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Julietta Kasparova

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