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You are most likely wrong in thinking that payment gateways are just incentivizing eCommerce buyers to pay online. However, Magento payment gateway integration aims to achieve much broader business goals. The various payment systems that support Magento work in much the same way. The features don’t really matter. What’s really important is the idea behind the payment gateway integration process.

To increase the profitability of your Magento store, it is worth diving deeper into the essence of payment gateway integration. Let’s take a look at some of the basics of Magento payment gateway integration to figure out which solutions might be the best fit for your online business. It used to be that people were a bit hesitant to pay online, especially when doing a large transaction. But over time people got used to online payments. Therefore, integrating the best payment gateways with your Magento store becomes important to boost sales.


What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways such as PayPal or are online business applications that use secure web connections to prepare, coordinate and execute online payments between customers and e-merchants. To ensure secure transmission of data from online shoppers to Magento e-shops, payment gateways encrypt sensitive data (credit card information, etc.).

Since the e-commerce paradigm itself is about remote network operations, payment gateway providers must embrace cutting-edge data encryption innovations. Otherwise, they can hardly guarantee the authenticity of information that circulates between payment gateways, end-user devices, and banking systems. This applies equally to pre-implemented solutions and the integration of third-party Magento payment gateways.

Best Payment Gateways for Magento 2


Magento is one of the few preferred partners of the world’s leading payment processor PayPal. About 17 million online merchants worldwide have implemented PayPal Payments Pro in their stores. More than 200 million customer accounts confirm that PayPal is the largest provider in the market. The business version of PayPal supports all major credit card systems (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) as well as 26 national currencies in over 200 markets. PayPal Pro is an enterprise-class payment solution that can be customized to suit any business requirement. Credit and debit cards, bank transfers, phone payments, and personal payments are all payment options provided by the processor.

The PayPal team emphasizes that there are no hidden fees or surcharges in their payment policies. A base monthly rate of $30, coupled with a $ 2.9 fee per transaction, makes PayPal Pro an affordable payment gateway for e-commerce projects of almost any size.

Main characteristics:

  • Easy installment process.
  • It maintains standard PayPal and premium PayPal payment options.
  • It allows accepting payments in currency except for the base currency.
  • Any type of currency is supported by customers to pay in their native currency.



Stripe solves all card payment problems, including card storage, recurring payments, and bank withdrawals. The Stripe system is distinguished by the high speed of payment processing and security, and from a business point of view – very convenient means of integration with Magento online stores. Stripe is an international system for secure Internet payments using plastic cards, the leader in terms of the number of advantages among all payment systems. Stripe meets international security standards, with PCI Level 1 certification. This is the highest level of certification available in the payments industry.

Main characteristics:

  • Fast integration with any CMS.
  • Decent anti-fraud. Stripe Radar is the ability to flexibly customize payment terms for buyers. Request 3DS, risk-score, also Stripe is one of the first to introduce Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • Instant reception and refund.
  • Hold. Withdrawal of funds on fresh accounts 5-7 days, withdrawal on preheated accounts 2 days.



Today Braintree is one of the largest payment solutions in the world, offering business owners an excellent choice of tools. The company has offices around the world and is popular with both small business owners and business executives. However, despite its size, Braintree continues to prioritize e-commerce businesses.

Braintree currently offers merchants two ways to use their services. The main and most affordable option is to use a Braintree merchant account, which includes access to a payment gateway. You get a complete merchant account that’s professionally rewritten and extremely stable. You won’t get the same stability with most PSPs like Stripe and Square. In addition, billing is done on a monthly basis, with no account fees and no early termination fees.

Main characteristics:

  • Customize your user interface
  • Developer access on the server-side
  • Full range of payment types
  • Multi Currency options


Amazon Pay

Amazon is the name most people are familiar with today. The company is responsible for everything from the world’s largest online marketplace to cloud computing solutions through AWS. Amazon also has its own payment service provider solution called Amazon Pay.

While Amazon Pay is not as well known as some of the other PSPs on the market today (like PayPal), it is a popular choice for many e-commerce store owners. The easy-to-use platform ensures that you can provide your customers with a fast and easy way to shop on your website. There is even support for things like online donations and recurring payments.

Unlike other payment processing solutions, Amazon can also handle online payment processing. This means that once you integrate Amazon Pay with its website, your customers won’t have to leave the site to complete a transaction with you.

Main characteristics:

  • Comes with access to Amazon Fraud Protection
  • Customers can save time by entering shipping details.
  • Amazon Brand Awareness Promotes Better Trust
  • Great setting great for customer service
  • No early termination fee



Access to 126 currencies in 146 countries is what Worldpay offers to e-merchants. Based in Florida, USA, FIS has applied its 50 years of financial experience to the global e-commerce payment solution Worldpay. The list of businesses supported by Worldpay is impressive: retail, education, media, games, airlines, healthcare, restaurants, travel, software, and more.

Cloud JSON APIs for easy integration enables e-merchants to build their omnichannel payment solutions with Worldpay. Awarded for Best Gateway Uptime and Highest Level of Authorization, the easy-to-integrate and intuitive APIs allow you to make both one-time and recurring payments and use bank cards in your online store. However, the integration of the Magento platform with the WorldPay payment system should be entrusted to specialists.

Main characteristics:

  • The payment process is fully automated.
  • It offers automatic payment updates.
  • To improve the safe payment, it offers secure codes.
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