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When customers make purchases online, they expect you to provide them with multiple payment options like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, internet banking, etc. As the number of mobile shoppers significantly grows, merchants have to shift towards mobile-friendly payments.

Apple Pay and Google Pay seem to be the most popular payment methods for online shopping. Furthermore, numerous customers abandon the checkout page when they don’t see these options. In this article, you’ll find five reasons why you need to integrate Apple and Google Pay into your Magento store.   

Benefits of Apple and Google Pay Integration


Better Privacy and Security 

Every year, we witness several incidents when thousands of customers lose their payment information due to cyber attacks. Secure payment options are one of the first things customers pay attention to during checkout.  Both Apple and Google Pay use advanced data encryption to protect customer data and have multi-level security:

  • the device is equipped with a unique identifier;
  • a security cipher is generated for each payment;
  • additional protection in the form of a scanned papillary pattern of the user’s finger.

When binding devices, Apple Pay creates a one-time-use token, which is the encrypted card number. When the transaction is completed, the system deletes tokens, which makes data encryption nearly impossible. Google Pay has almost the same scheme. When a customer uses Google Pay, information is stored only for troubleshooting, fraud prevention, and regulatory processes.


Fast Checkout

As we mentioned above, your customers don’t need to enter the details of their credit card on Google Pay or Apple Pay. They just need to click on the “Apple Pay” or “Google Pay” payment option and it will authorize the user by fingerprint or face identification. Thus, it becomes one of the fastest and smoothest ways to make a payment on an iPhone. Also, you don’t need to confuse every customer with the Apple Pay option. It will be displayed to a user who is either using an Apple device or browsing through Safari. The same goes for Android users whose smartphone is adapted for having a Google wallet.


No Additional Commissions

If you have an Android or iOS-powered portable device, you probably already know that these tools are not payment methods. It’s a contactless payment system in which Apple and Android devices with an NFC module are used instead of a bank card. Magento Apple Pay integration saves you from transaction fees.


Be More Competitive 

In this overwhelming eCommerce market, being able to compete with others is a vital factor. Integration of one of the most popular payment systems into your Magento store will be a massive advantage. It will position your eCommerce store as a powerful and steady player. Moreover, thanks to the popularity of Android and Apple systems, it will add a huge flow of new customers and retain the loyalty of the old ones. This way, you will sell more, boost customer engagement, and turn devoted customers into brand advocates. 


Maximize Sales Potential

The more payment options you provide, the more sales you get. Moreover, the diversity of payment methods also boosts Magento UX, which helps convert users into customers. According to the statistics, you can increase sales by almost 50% through a better checkout experience. If you want to drive sales, Google Pay and Apple Pay integration for Magento stores is a must for your business. 

To sum up, we want to clarify that a good and smooth checkout and secure payment gateway should be one of the main priorities, running an eCommerce store.

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Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

Partnership Manager at Mobecls who is really passionate about eCommerce and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and products.