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Do you want to boost the turnover of your online store? Discover a list of 10 essential elements not to be neglected to be successful. First and foremost, you must always keep in mind that in order to sell your products or services well, it is essential to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Online, it is even more true, the customer is volatile and impatient. A few seconds too long to load and they already on your competitor’s site.

Top 10 Things Customers Expect from Your Online Store

Fast Load Speed

This is one of the most essential elements when setting up an online store. You need to provide your customers with a responsive, fast, and fully optimized site for online shopping. Recent studies show that loading speed is vital for online businesses as most visitors leave your site after 3 seconds of loading. To know the loading time of your site, there are plenty of tools like Google PageSpeed Insights that allow you to evaluate its performance for free. If your website takes too long to load, check that it is on a server with a quality host. Sometimes, you just need to change your plan to a suitable offer to reduce its loading time.

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Neat Design

Visual design is a big part of the user experience. It can be equated with the rest of the brand image elements. Apart from the logo and name of your business, the interface of your app or website can be considered as on of the most important parts of your brand identity. The users should have no problem navigating the platform and getting what they needs.

Promotions, Free Shipping

The profile of the online shopper is characterized by his sensitivity to good deals. Promotions are eye-catching, especially free shipping, as they trigger the purchase. With the promotion, you improve your conversion rate and therefore reduce abandoned shopping carts. It should be on the home page and be easily noticeable.

Omnichannel Experience

Let your potential customers shop the way they want. What that normally implies is as a mixed, omnichannel approach turns discovery into the purchase. Your client might enter a physical store looking for their new table, but the actual purchase can happen later via their phone while reading their favorite book. It implies a fully optimized experience across all platforms. The cycle should start from the store to the smartphone or to the laptop of your customer.

Excellent Customer service

After-sales service is not to be neglected. Visitors expect the following from you:

  • A contact page
  • A live chat
  • A strong presence on social networks
  • Information about your business

Your eCommerce site should offer the same level of customer service as a physical point of sale. The main weak point of a website is the lack of human contact, so it’s up to you to find solutions to humanize your site. Thus, you will inspire confidence in your customers and strengthen your power of loyalty.

Trust Badges

In order for the buyer to enter their payment details, they must feel completely confident about your page. This is why it is important to display secure payment icons in order to reassure the visitor. These trust badges are often (but not always) associated with security certificates that help protect your customers’ credit card information and personal information. These are Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. They are part of a complex internet security system that encrypts certain information sent over the web and ensures the security of payments.

How To Use Trust Badges To Boost Conversion

Returns & Refunds

As a smart shopper, this is one of the first things you check before buying online. Never being 100% sure that you’ll be happy with a product you haven’t touched or actually seen, you need to be reassured. Do not place your return conditions anywhere on your site. In general, these are placed in the footer of your page (at the bottom). Be as clear as possible in your trading conditions. Go into the details and don’t leave your visitor in doubt.

Case study: Automated FedEx Return Solution

Fast Checkout

Give your customers in a hurry the ability to order and pay quickly. Do not drown them in endless formulas and be satisfied with what is necessary. Thereafter, nothing prevents you from enticing them to give you more information by explaining to them that they can benefit from exclusive offers in return.

Quality product sheets

Your selling point is in your product sheets. Incorporate relevant descriptions and enticing illustrations. In the world of eCommerce, there is no representative responsible for selling the product, which is why it is very important to design the most convincing product sheet possible. So study which parts of the product features deserve to be highlighted, which photos are the most representative.

Wide Range of Payment Methods

Provide your clients with the opportunity to pay with any method they pick. Elective payment choices like digital wallet alternatives from Apple, Google, or Samsung are broadly acknowledged and leaned toward for their touchless capacity. Developing practice in the innovative payment system is the BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) choice from merchants like PayPal and Klarna.

We Integrate Payment Solutions and Other 3rd-Party Systems

Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

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