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A proper UX audit solves specific and measurable problems. This is an opportunity to find out what difficulties the user faces on your eCommerce  website, and why they leave it. UX audit doesn’t solve your website’s problems but provide you with answers to essential questions like:

  • Where do users experience difficulties in understanding navigation or functionality?
  • What does the data tell about users’ behavior and their needs?
  • What can be potentially changed on a website or an app to improve its business performance?

Answers to these questions will affect the loyalty of users, their willingness to move from potential to active customers. In addition, UX audit strengthen your brand position towards competitors.

When Do You Need a UX Audit?

First of all, check the basic UX metrics not to break things that work well. It’s time to tackle UX if:

  • Visitors come to the site, but do not take targeted actions;
  • Users fall off during using shopping on your website;
  • Users spend little time on the site, do not move beyond the first screen;
  • Your interface is overloaded with useless sections and categories, has unclear  functionality.

Benefits of UX Audit for eCommerce Business

UX audit helps online merchants to identify usability problems, problematic areas that make users abandon your store and more. For example, with its help you can find out that your checkout page loads too slow, it doesn’t have enough payment options to cater for different customers, etc.

Improved user satisfaction

A high level of customer satisfaction is the first and foremost goal of any online business. If you understand the root causes of your UX issues, you get an opportunity to make your store more intuitive and user-friendly. It’ll help you drive more traffic and improve user engagement, which leads to greater profits in return.  

Get to know your users

By performing a UX audit, you take a big step forward in learning more about the tastes and preferences of your customers. After all, you had problems, your customers didn’t take the necessary action and went looking for another better option. After receiving the usability insights, take a look at your business strategy, maybe you are targeting the wrong audience, or some of your products or services are of more interest than you expected. Examine your audience, put yourself in the shoes of a customer, and see your site from a whole new perspective with the help of a UX audit.

Cut development costs

UX audit will be much less expensive than developing for your site. Indeed, it identifies your mistakes and shortcomings in the work of your site and helps to eliminate them without redoing everything completely. Qualitative functionality can be hampered by one factor, so when you eliminate it everything will fall into place and begin to work properly. This is why it is better to resort to the little things first, to correct all the shortcomings and errors before tackling the site radically again.

Higher customer loyalty

Loyal customers don’t easily switch to another brand due to the lower prices. They prefer to pay more to get the expected quality of the product they know and love. The better service you provide, the more often people come back to the site and want to do more and more actions and purchases. It is very important to retain and engage the customer. Loyal customers are emotionally attached to the business, they love the brand, and are willing to buy these products and recommend them to friends.

Boost Conversion

During the UX audit, specialists identify usability issues. There may be issues connected with a poor design or functionality. There is some kind of obstacle in your site that is preventing it from working one hundred percent. The main task of the audit is to find this problem and fix it so that the customer has the opportunity to make purchases or perform actions on your website without any problem. The easier and more convenient the shopping process on your website the more profits, you get. 

Need a UX Audit for Your Website? 

Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

Partnership Manager at Mobecls who is really passionate about eCommerce and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and products.