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eCommerce becomes more and more mobile each year. According to, mobile sales have a 72 % share of total eCommerce. Making the online shopping experience memorable is essential for achieving your conversion rate goals. You need to help mobile users find the information they are looking for or get them to complete purchases as quickly as possible.

Here are some tips for creating a successful mobile shopping experience for your customers and getting ahead of the competition.

How to Improve Mobile Shopping Experience

Here are some tips for creating a successful experience for your customers and getting ahead of the competition.

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile phones are a tremendous source of growth for eCommerce websites. More than one in four Internet users tend to favor mobile for online purchases, so you have to play the game too. With the generalization of 4G and the development of increasingly suitable sites and applications, mobile sales should continue to break through in the years to come. Moreover, Google will now use the mobile version of your page to rank you for searches launched on mobile.

Optimize Performance

Mobile users expect a faster and smoother shopping experience. Nearly 8 out of 10 Internet users do not return to an online store whose performance has not satisfied them. The loading speed of an eCommerce site plays a major role in the user experience. If your website loads too slowly, you risk losing your potential customers.

Facilitate Navigation

To make it easier for the user to understand, avoid a cluttered site with poor navigation but instead rely on clear elements to identify.
For example, highlight the clarity of the menu, and the call-to-action buttons: users should immediately understand that they can click to do an action or get the information they want. The goal is to help buyers more easily explore all options offered by your brand.

Personalize the Experience

We live in an age where people are constantly busy and want things fast. The watchword is to personalize the content to build a stronger relationship with customers. Also, you can offer suggestions based on past transactions or past journeys. With the personalization of the experience, you speed up the buying process and close a sale faster.

Provide Relevant Information

In physical stores, customers like to test or review the product they intend to buy. In the digital context, this perimeter is different. As there’s no test drive online, you must highlight your product descriptions. Make them short and convincing, as well as beautiful visuals that make you want to buy. All details should be visible.

Experiment With Interactive Design

Interactive design is a new approach to decision-making that revolves around the ongoing needs of your customers with a seamless online experience. Interaction with your users enables more active engagement, thus improving their user experience. Examples of interactive you can implement: voting, filling out a form, budget calculator, social media posting, or even an interactive size guide.

Provide Simple and Secure Payment

Improve the user experience by making the purchase funnel as easy as possible, your customers should feel safe when entering the payment process. Strong site security guarantees a great browsing experience. For example, consider choosing the eCommerce plugins and extensions that will secure your website because having a social media presence is not enough.

Offer virtual assistance

Posting regular updates on social media, writing articles on your blog, or making videos are ways to provide additional interactive support. Provide answers to your customers’ questions when they ask you. It shows them a form of respect and encourages them to buy your brand. Many studies show that 94% of consumers are loyal to transparent brands.


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