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Magento | Adobe Commerce is a universal platform that allows merchants operate worldwide and supports multi-language. Therefore it provides a great number of shipping destinations, states and regions. For example, the list of regions for USA contains Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Armed American Forces. However, you may need to remove some destinations from the list which is impossible by default.


State/Region List Optimization

Reasons to Remove Certain Destinations

  • Your online store offers free shipping and doesn’t want to ship to Guam for free.
  • Risk of items not being delivered, shipping issues.
  • Shorten that drop-down region list.
  • You don’t want to ship items to regions with complicated and unfavorable taxation


Not Ready To Do That By Your Own?

Request Our State/Region List Optimization

Starts from $100
Veronika Lutovich

Veronika Lutovich

Partnership Manager at Mobecls who is really passionate about eCommerce and enjoys writing about the latest trends, news and products.