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Smart Search functionality is a must for any eCommerce store. This is the easiest and fastest way for customers to find and buy a desired product among hundreds of offers. Its predictive and intuitive mechanism for searching products, based on the customers’ habits, allows merchants to provide excellent user experience and increase conversion. Moreover, smart search functionality allows gathering valuable information regarding buying patterns. It helps target customers more effectively to create a fully convenient and accessible marketplace geared for success. Below, we’ll take a look at the best Magento smart search extensions. 

Best Smart Search Extensions for Magento 2 Stores 

Klevu Search 

Klevu Search is an AI-based search extension that learns from the customer experience, providing better search results. This Magento smart search extension uses Natural Language processing, advanced semantic search, and multilingual support. In addition, it has automated catalog enrichment and dynamic customizable filters. Klevu Search is cloud-hosted, CDN backed and provides data backups. If you want to learn more about Klevu pricing plans, contact their sales team. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • AI trained on tons of eCommerce data
  • Smart Category Merchandising (AI automatically optimize the ranking order of products)
  • Advanced analytics (complete visibility of your customers path from search to purchase) 

Algolia Instant Search 

Instant Search by Algolia is considered to be one of the fastest Magento search extensions.  It produces search results within just 10 ms, increasing customer engagement and UX on your Magento 2 website. The extension allows you to replace the current Magento search with an autocomplete and instant search results. Moreover, you can easily set up the extension within minutes and start delivering lightning-fast, relevant search results. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • Instant search and autocompleting
  • Typo error relevance
  • Responsive SERP

Mageplaza Ajax Search 

Magento 2 Ajax Search extension by Mageplaza is one of the best solutions for optimizing Magento site search. The solution uses AJAX technology to show search results immediately after customers start typing the first character in the search box. Moreover, the search list also includes suggested product information like image, product name and price. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • Instant and autocomplete search
  • Display 10 new/ most-viewed/ bestseller products when users click on the search box
  • Allow searching by SKUs
  • Support all languages

Sphinx Search Ultimate

Sphinx Search Ultimate is one of the most advanced search solutions for Magento 2. It’s powered by Sphinx search engine, which allows showing a great number of search results in a blink of an eye.  It can search 500 queries per second against 1,000,000 SKUs. The extension supports stop-words, synonyms, typo-errors, searching with hyphens or slashes. Furthemore, customers can search products by categories, tags, SKUs and much more. 

Feature Highlights: 

  • Supports multiple content type searching
  • Support for category name, custom options, and associated products searching
  • Create your own vocabulary of stopwords and synonyms
  • Typing errors are automatically corrected while searching

Magento 2 Search Extension by Neklo 

Search by Category extension for Magento 2 from Neklo provides customers with the ability to quickly search any item by specifying its category in the search bar, optimizing the search process on your store. This module also includes unlimited subcategories and structured lists with different levels to customize.

Feature Highlights:

  • Built-in category list 
  • Search by categories from any pages
  • Subcategories available
  • User-friendly configuration

Amasty Advanced Search

Magento 2 Advanced Search by Amasty expands the default Magento search functionality with a wide range of advanced options to enhance user experience and optimize search performance. The extension provides customers with detailed search information based on products, categories and CMS pages. Moreover, you can increase the conversion by displaying the Add to Cart button on the autocomplete window. 

Feature highlights:

  • Instant and relevant search results
  • Smart autocomplete window
  • Display ‘Add to Cart’ button on dropdown list
  • Enable search in categories, products and on CMS pages
  • Show recent and popular searches

Magento 2 ElasticSearch Extension by MageDelight

This Magento smart search module provides customers with quick and accurate search results, increasing customer satisfaction and user experience. The extension comes with the wildcard search that allows your customers to get search results even with special characters and spaces in their search queries. 

Feature highlights:

  • Autocomplete search queries
  • Quick and accurate results
  • Wildcard search
  • Support fallback search

Search Autocomplete for Magento 2 by Mageworx

This is one of the few free Magento search extensions that will help you to facilitate and improve your on-site search process. The extension can predict customers’ queries based on the typed characters, providing users with instant and relevant search results. Moreover, you can customize the dropdown box by adding an Add to Cart button, encouraging online shoppers to make purchases while searching.  

Feature Highlights:

  • Instant search results
  • ‘Add to Cart’ button in search results
  • Customizable search result box
  • Advanced search configuration options
  • Smart search queries caching


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