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Any eCommerce theme should be not only attractive and catchy, but also fast, feature-rich and mobile responsive. Ready-made Magento | Adobe Commerce themes are cheap, user-friendly and have good tech support.  However, they have a number of disadvantages that negatively affect the overall website’s speed, user experience and business strategy. 

Cons of ready-made Magento | Adobe Commerce themes

  • Code quality. For example, a theme that initially appears to be high-quality may end up being full of “spaghetti code” with a bunch of unnecessary features that slow down the website’s performance. Moreover, it may conflict with custom functionality or third-party extensions, causing UX issues like non-clickable buttons or broken functionality.
  • Limited customizations. When using pre-made themes, merchants may need to adapt their requirements to functionalities built into the ready-made design.
  • No brand identity. Ready-made themes have only general eCommerce features that may not meet your business needs and specifications. Moreover, these themes are already used by other online businesses, so there is a risk of being lost among numerous identical websites. 
  • Poor responsiveness. Numerous ready-made themes lack SEO and mobile responsiveness, which leads to poor rankings of websites.



Magento | Adobe Commerce Theme Optimization

Our team helps with:

  • Solving “spaghetti code” issues like non-clickable buttons, broken functionality, etc.
  • Solving theme issues after Magento | Adobe Commerce migration or update
  • Speeding up your theme 
  • SEO optimization of themes 
  • JS and CSS optimization 
  • UX and UI redesign 
  • Theme optimization for mobile devices 

Starts from $299

Alex Yermak

Alex Yermak

Content Manager at Mobecls