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Cron jobs are essential for any online store. This feature liberates store admins from manual work by running routine tasks automatically in exact time and date. Cron jobs are crucial for lots of Magento | Adobe Commerce system activities such as reindexing, currency rate updates, newsletter, catalog price rules, etc. If you don’t configure the cron jobs correctly, your Magento | Adobe Commerce website  won’t function properly.

Common Cron Jobs Issues

  • Unnecessary cron jobs consume too many resources and slow down the site’s speed
  • Poorly scheduled cron jobs that run during high traffic, decreasing user experience
  • Several cron tasks doing heavy lifting on the same database tables simultaneously
  • Scheduled cron tasks are not fulfilled


Cron Jobs Optimization

  • Review cron jobs to know how often they run, what they do, why they do it
  • Review how much resources cron jobs consumes
  • Check default Magento cron jobs
  • Check third-party extensions that run cron jobs
  • Disable unnecessary cron jobs for better performance
  • Find the right time to run cron tasks


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Nikita Shkurd

Nikita Shkurd

Nikita is a Partnership Manager at Mobecls and a newsmaker/streamer at home. Thinks that the best opportunity in his job is to help businesses get out of hopeless situations.