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The Instagram Revolution has come! Long reads took over photos! I mean, it’s hard to imagine an Instagram account without any text. Provided that you want to promote it instead of using your acc as a photo book. Today, we’ll find out how to write good Instagram texts to engage followers, boost sales and conversion. Let’s get it.

Why Do We Need Instagram Texts?

More and more people come to Instagram not only to see some cute photos but also to read. There are no doubts that accounts filled with just hashtags still exist but it becomes more difficult for them to hold the public’s attention and engage followers.

Clients Retention

We miss lots of communication tools while having a virtual conversation. We can’t smile, use charisma and charm, pet partner’s shoulder. All we can do is to post a photo (a video in the best case scenario) and write a text. These pieces of content should convey the information and emotions we want to convey (sorry for tautology). If we don’t use text, we lose one of the few communication channels.

Good texts can be a drug your audience will get hooked on. For example, if we post educational content our followers will wait for a new dose of useful stuff. If we post something entertaining, our followers will stay with us because they want to have some fun in the evenings. If we started a virtual series or comics, followers will wait for new episodes to know the final point.


When thinking about types of content, we decide what and how to tell something to our followers. The more audience know about you, your goods and store, the more credibility you gain. It’s impossible to make money on Instagram without a proper level of confidence.

Customers won’t purchase your goods if they don’t trust your brand. You should prove that you’re a reliable retailer. How people will get it if you don’t tell anything about you and your store? That’s right, by no means. As a result, your sales suck.

You need solid and catching posts to build trust-based relations. Try to implement storytelling. Stories cause the strongest emotions and motivate people to trust you.

How to Write Posts on Instagram?

It’s not enough just to write a post on some topic, you shouldn’t also forget about its form, the way you will write about something.

Instagram isn’t a site or lecturing desk. People are prone to use Instagram for leisure. They don’t want to face tons of complex terms or Officialese while scrolling the feed. We all use Instagram for having a conversation with our audience not bragging how many super sophisticated terms you know. To build common ground with your clients you should write in a simple and clear language.

Don’t Use Clichés

We encounter clichés so often that they don’t cause any emotions except irritation and a desire to dust yourself down.

Some examples:
• Open the door to success
• Our people are our most important assets
• A once in a lifetime opportunity
• Tomorrow’s xxxxx today
• Industry leader, industry-leading

Ok, the meaning seems to be clear. But, what exactly do copywriters or social media specialists mean? These phrases sound wordy, don’t they? If a text is overwhelmed with clichés, it will drive back your clients. Such texts don’t seem to be sincere, they aren’t catchy and exciting. As a result, they don’t work.

How to Avoid Clichés?

• Read your text aloud. If you fall over some words, think about discarding or replacing them
• Write like you are speaking to your friend
• Hire a copy editor
• Use simple language.

Before writing a text, you should find out who will read it. Build your buyer persona. It influences the way you’ll write a post on Instagram.

If you’re writing for industry experts and various businesses, you can use lingo and some terms. If you’re writing for clients who are not so proficient in your sphere, discard all the terms and explain them in a casual and understandable way.

The easiest way to check your post clearness is to read it out to someone who isn’t aware of your industry. If the focus group got the message correctly, you dealt with it.

One more reason why you should know your audience is the possibility to use some slang. It can help you to pass a Friend or Foe test. If you use the same language as your readers, you will pass for your followers. That’s how trust-based relations are built.

But be careful with slang or you can regret using it.

One post — one topic

Attention is an unstable thing. We’re often distracted by something. Instagram posts should be as concrete as it’s possible to catch the attention of your readers until the end of your post.

Don’t try to put in your post numerous topics. For example, all day events + all the benefits of your product. You have only 2200 symbols. It’s impossible to write an extremely detailed story about everything. It won’t look like a complete text but a compilation of some sentences. It won’t bring your readers something valuable, but rather scare away all your clients.

Choose one topic and cover it in details. If you want to tell about all the events and your pros, you can just list them briefly.

These are the most common tips for good posts creation on Instagram. I’ll be honest with you. After reading this article you won’t become a top-notch copywriter, but I hope I’ve helped you to grasp how to write good texts on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We all need practice. We’ve gotta get up and try try try.

Julietta Kasparova

Julietta Kasparova

Julietta is a partnership manager at Mobecls who enjoys foreign languages and literature, traveling. She can't live without communication and meeting new people. Always ready for a talk on LinkedIn, so don't be afraid to make the first step.